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Is Detroit The New Self-Driving Capital of The World?

Gear up on five IoT news bites for Friday

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Detroit Digs In Detroit is fighting to regain its car capital status—but today that would be a self-driving car capital. General Motors will begin testing self-driving EV Chevy Bolts on Detroit streets, the company has announced. GM had already taken its autonomous vehicles out on the road in San Francisco and Scottsdale, AZ. But GM Chairman and CEO Mary Barry is planting a serious flag in Michigan, announcing that it will be building its next generation autonomous cars at its Orion Assembly Plant, 30 miles north of Detroit. GM will first start testing the autonomous cars near its Warren Tech Center Campus, and then into Metro Detroit. (Via Detroit News)

Apple + FibaroApple's HomeKit just got a new playmate, a suite of Fibaro sensors including ones for flood detection, motion, and those that can fit to doors and windows. All of them with connect via Siri, which means you'll be able to talk to your sensor and see if someone is in the house. (Via CNET)

NYC Virtual Lab New York City may build a VR development lab to make Gotham a virtual reality center. The city is reportedly going to put out requests for proposals in 2017, with the city's Economic Development Corporation putting up $6 million, and hoping a private group will come in with additional funds to partner. (Via DNAInfo)

Yahoo Hack Details Want to know what to do if you think your Yahoo account was hacked? To start, you'll probably get an emailed 'Notice of Data Breach," like we did. Second, change your password. Yes, we know we always tell you this. But do it. Third, Yahoo is suggesting users adopt a Yahoo Account Key, which sends a notice when you try to log-in to your mobile phone. Tapping 'Yes' gives you access. We haven't tried this. When/if we do, we'll give you our thoughts.

Waymo Update No, Google hasn't killed its self-driving car project with its Waymo spin-off. But the new stand-alone company may signal a shift in Google's direction. To that end, we have some thoughts.

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