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a photo showing a live monitoring agent viewing an intruder through SimpliSafe camera.

SimpliSafe Starts Beta Program That Uses Humans To Stop Intruders

The company is launching a beta test program with 24/7 live guard protection, an industry-first monitoring innovation enabled by a new wireless indoor camera.

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SimpliSafe is one of the best DIY-installed smart home security systems with professional monitoring services. We have tested their products and services and found them to be very effective in protecting your home, inside and out. Today, the company announced a new beta program for qualifying customers, allowing SimpliSafe professional monitoring agents to monitor your home in real-time. They will be able to see and speak to intruders when an alarm is triggered. This new service is called 24/7 live guard protection.

How does an agent see intruders in your home?

They can view invaders through the company’s new SimpliSafe Smart Alarm Wireless Indoor Security Camera which the company is launching today too. This battery-powered, wireless indoor security camera features 1536p HD video resolution, 125-degree field of view (FOV), advanced motion detection and AI capabilities, night vision, an 80dB siren, two-way audio, a mechanical privacy shutter, and up to 3 months of battery life depending on placement and usage. This new camera is only available exclusively for the Beta participants and will work in tandem with 24/7 live guard protection.

a photo of SimpliSafe's new Smart Alarm CameraSimpliSafe's new Indoor Smart Alarm CameraSimpliSafe

SimpliSafe’s new indoor security camera is unlike any other indoor camera. It can instantly trigger an alarm through a built-in, professional-grade motion sensor and sound a built-in siren when unusual motion is detected, and the system is armed. The camera’s advanced motion detection and artificial intelligence capabilities are sophisticated enough to differentiate between routine motion, like a household pet, and unusual motion from a potential intruder. Like all SimpliSafe cameras, the Smart Alarm Camera offers video verification, which allows monitoring agents to capture evidence and verify a threat is real, enabling priority dispatch and, ultimately, a faster response. (Note: this can only occur if the customer subscribes to SimpliSafe interactive monitoring and opt-in to video verification.)

The addition of 24/7 live guard protection is designed to keep SimpliSafe customers safer by effectively deterring crime, as monitoring agents can now see and communicate directly with intruders. SimpliSafe’s 24/7 live guard protection will bring the benefits of live talk down service, which is often used for commercial security purposes, to the residential market.

To learn more about SimpliSafe Beta Program, click here.

“When we think about the future of home security, we want to provide meaningfully better security and protection than the industry has in the past and evolve the role of home security from passively connecting first responders to emergencies to actively helping stop crime in real-time,” said Christian Cerda, Chief Executive Officer at SimpliSafe. “Our new hardware and monitoring innovations give customers just that – the new Smart Alarm TM Camera and 24/7 live guard protection can not only provide a fast and reliable response during emergencies, but together they can deter those emergencies from taking place, keeping homes safer than ever before.”

SimpliSafe’s latest innovations have been developed with both protection and privacy in mind. Like the SimpliCam HD indoor camera, the Smart Alarm Camera has a mechanical privacy shutter that audibly and visibly clicks open and closed, and by default, the shutter is closed when the system is set to the home mode or off. Like the SimpliCam, the Smart Alarm Camera is differentiated in that it provides privacy when customers want it and protection when they need it.

24/7 live guard protection is the latest professional monitoring feature powered by Fast Protect Technology, the suite of products and features that is enhancing the SimpliSafe alarm experience and helping the company fulfill its mission of making every smart home secure.

a screenshot of smartphones showing the SimpliSafe 24/7 live guard protection appHere is how SimpliSafe's 24/7 live guard protection works on your smartphone using SimpliSafe app.SimpliSafe

The Smart Alarm Wireless Indoor Security Camera with 24/7 live guard protection is available today as part of SimpliSafe’s newly launched Beta program and will be broadly available for purchase on later this year. Customers must have an Interactive Monitoring plan to enable 24/7 live guard protection. The Smart Alarm Camera will also be available for purchase in the U.K. later this year.

We discussed this new SimpliSafe Beta program with the company early this week. They mentioned they will give qualifying customers early access to SimpliSafe hardware and feature developments, as well as the opportunity to provide feedback that will shape products and services for full-launch readiness. This is nice to see and can provide valuable insights into what customers want and what they don’t want.

To learn more about the new camera and 24/7 live guard protection, feel free to go to – where you can sign up to receive availability updates and share your interest in special offers and participate in future Beta programs.

a photo of SimpliSafe's new lineup of security devicesSimpliSafe's latest lineup of smart home security devices including their new indoor camera and 24/7 live guard protection.SimpliSafe

To learn more about SimpliSafe Beta Program, click here.

GearBrain has seen a similar program to SimpliSafe’s 24/7 live guard protection. We tested Deep Sentinel’s Starter 3-Cam Kit in a real home. This system had three battery-powered cameras that connected to an AI hub which is the brains of the system. It also came with professional monitoring that used real humans to ward off unwanted visitors. The two features provided an effective security system, but it is very expensive, and humans would speak every time motion detection was triggered and not just an alarm. So, you got a lot of false alerts initially. From what we know, this system today is focused on securing the outside of your house and serving small businesses looking for an innovative security surveillance system.

At GearBrain, we are anxious to see how SimpliSafe’s new 24/7 live guard protection coupled with its new indoor security camera with excellent security camera features work together in today’s smart home. If you are a SimpliSafe customer, we recommend you try out the Beta program. From what we learned in testing human monitoring security systems, it can be extremely effective in securing your home. Just don’t panic the first time the monitoring agent starts talking to you via a false alarm.

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