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Smart Security Camera How To Guide

GearBrain's second Facebook Live about home security and connected devices

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People eager to secure their homes often adopt security cameras — these let them see inside a house or apartment when someone is away. Smart security cameras bring that view to your smartphone, and can include audio support so you can hear what's happening, and potentially talk to someone as well.

During GearBrain's latest Facebook Live, we took apart the questions you have on security cameras including how they work and whether you can install them yourself. While a wired camera may be more robust, wireless cameras are still a great option. People should expect to pay about $100 to start, and video storing can be monthly fee on top of that.

From how wide a camera can see inside a room to whether you a camera can work both inside and outside, our 30-minute segment is a great starting point for anyone interested in buying, and installing, a smart security camera of their own.

Have questions we didn't answer? Please reach out and we'll help you find a device that works best for you.

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