Rachio 3 now works with Apple HomeKit

Rachio 3 now works with Apple HomeKit

Its newest line, the Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller is finally Apple friendly

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Rachio just got on the Apple bandwagon, opening access to its Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller to Apple's HomeKit system. This is Rachio's most recent product, which launched in March, and now allows customers to personalize settings for their home from wind speeds to saturation levels, and has more in-depth weather details.

People who use the Rachio 3, can now integrate with Apple across a number of ways. They can use Siri on their iPhones or any iOS device, on Apple TV, the Apple Watch and also Apple HomePod, its $349 smart speaker. If they connect through their HomePod or Apple TV they can remotely control their sprinklers as well.

Picture of Rachio 3 on a wall.Now control Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller with AppleRachio

Rachio is a smart sprinkler company based in Denver, Colorado, and makes devices, including controllers that help people measure and manage the water they use outside their home while taking care of their lawns, gardens and grounds. In addition to controllers, the company also makes flow meters, products which can send alerts when leaks are detected on its system — and shut down the water.

Customers could already control their Rachio devices with Amazon Alexa — whose Amazon Alexa Fund was recently part of a $10 million round of investment in the smart sprinkler company. (You can check out The GearBrain: What works with Amazon Alexa to learn more about other connected devices Alexa can control.) Now those who have upgraded to the $229.99 Rachio 3, can use Apple as well.

"We are excited to bring HomeKit support to Rachio customers," said Chris Klein, CEO and co-founder of Rachio. "HomeKit users already have a smart home, and now they can have a smart yard, too. Rachio consumers have been asking for HomeKit integration, and we are excited to deliver it to them with our new Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller."

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