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Experience Superior Sound with Sonos Ace Wireless Headphones

Discover the innovative features and luxurious design of Sonos Ace, the latest wireless headphones offering high-fidelity sound and unmatched comfort.

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A few weeks ago, I got invited to get a sneak peek at a new product from Sonos. It was their latest wireless headphones, Sonos Ace. I have tested many Sonos products over the years and have found them to provide a high-quality sound experience. Their new headset, Sonos Ace, follows in these footsteps and offers a quality sound experience and comfort. It can fit in nicely with the other smart speakers and soundbars Sonos has in its family. Below are my comments from seeing these new premium wireless headphones and trying them on.

What are Sonos Ace Headphones?

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Artfully crafted and masterfully tuned, the Sonos Ace wireless headset defies expectations with features that bring the best of Sonos to your audio experience. Designed for those who crave high-fidelity sound and immersive listening, the Sonos Ace elevates your auditory experience to new heights.

Indulge in High-Fidelity Sound: Savor every second of your favorite song, podcast, or phone call with Sonos Ace's two custom-designed drivers. These drivers are engineered to render each frequency with impeccable precision and clarity, ensuring that every note, word, and sound is delivered with the highest quality. Whether you're an audiophile or just someone who loves great sound, the Sonos Ace promises an unparalleled listening experience.

A photo of the right earcup for Sonos Ace Wireless Headphones with the controls for your headphonesThe right earcup on Sonos Ace Wireless Headphones is where you will find the touch controls for the headset.GearBrain

Your Own Private Cinema: Experience the magic of a surround sound home theater with Sonos Ace while maintaining the peace and quiet of your household. With a simple button tap, you can instantly swap the TV audio from a compatible Sonos soundbar to your Sonos Ace headset. This feature is perfect for late-night movies or immersive gaming sessions. The spatial audio with Dolby Atmos envelops you in dramatically detailed sound from all directions, and dynamic head tracking keeps you centered in the action, even if you move around. Later this year, Sonos will introduce its TrueCinema technology, which will precisely map your space and render a complete surround sound system through the headphones, making the listening experience so realistic that you might forget you're wearing them.

Turn the World On or Off: Make your listening experience as personal as you want it to be with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). ANC allows you to block out the world and focus on what you're listening to, whether it's a conference call or your favorite playlist. Alternately, activate Aware mode to remain cognizant of your surroundings, perfect for walking on busy streets or staying alert in the office.

Day-Long Battery Life and Ultra-Fast Charge: With up to 30 hours of listening or talk time, the Sonos Ace boasts an extended, energy-efficient battery life. The ultra-fast charging feature ensures you'll never miss a beat when you're in a rush. Thanks to the included USB-C cable, a quick 3-minute charge gives you an impressive 3 hours of battery life.

Elegant Design and Long-Lasting Comfort

Sonos Ace is designed to look and feel as good as it sounds. Its distinctive, slim profile beautifully blends metal accents with a sleek matte finish, ensuring it complements any style.

Endless Comfort: The Sonos Ace uses lightweight, premium materials for an airy fit that gently hugs your head. The pillowy, soft memory foam interior is wrapped in vegan leather, providing luxurious comfort. The cushioned headband and ear cups create the perfect acoustic seal without catching on hair, enhancing the listening experience while ensuring all-day comfort.

Intuitive Design: Wearing and storing Sonos Ace is a breeze. Contrasting colors inside the ear cups subtly signal which way to put the headphones on, and beautifully tactile buttons make controls easy to use while wearing them. When yyou'redone listening, the fold-flat design allows the Sonos Ace to fit snugly in its lightweight travel case, making it perfect for on-the-go lifestyles.

Responsibly Made: Built to last, the Sonos Ace is designed for daily wear. The headphones feature replaceable ear cushions and circular materials that reduce the use of virgin plastic by 17%. The case is made from 75% recycled felt from plastic bottles. Engineered for energy efficiency, the wear detection feature pauses your music when you remove the headphones, minimizing the need for charging.

a photo of the cases that come with Sonos Ace Wireless Headphones on a tableCases for Sonos Ace Wireless HeadphonesGearBrain

Pricing and Availability

The Sonos Ace wireless headphones will be available starting June 5, 2024, in a wide range of countries including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Australia, New Zealand, Eastern Europe, Morocco, Egypt, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, India, Japan, and China. Availability in South Africa and Chile will follow shortly after. The Sonos Ace will be priced at USD $449, GBP £449, EUR €499, and AUD $699. (Pre-order today on Amazon or Sonos.)

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a photo looking inside the Sonos Ace Wireless Headphones caseStore your cords for Sonos Ace Wireless Headphones in the caseGearBrain


The Sonos Ace wireless headset combines superior sound quality, innovative features, and elegant design to deliver an unmatched personal listening experience. From its high-fidelity custom drivers, effective ANC, and immersive spatial audio to its comfortable design and sustainable materials, the Sonos Ace is a testament to Sonos' commitment to excellence and innovation. Whether you enjoy a private cinema experience, block out the noise with ANC, or stay connected with long-lasting battery life, the Sonos Ace ensures you enjoy every moment of your audio journey.

Be on the lookout over the next few weeks for my review of Sonos Ace. The company will provide us with a pair to test, and we will be sure to put them through the wringer and let you know if they live up to their promise. Based on what I have seen and heard, I am confident they will not disappoint us.

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