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Sonos Ace Over-the-Ear Headphones Review

Discover the cutting-edge features of the Sonos Ace headphones, including superior ANC, spatial audio, and dynamic head tracking, for an unmatched audio experience.

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At GearBrain, I have tested many over-the-ear headphones with active noise canceling (ANC) and immersive sound. However, recently, I got to test the new Sonos headphones called Sonos Ace, which has ANC, which was incredible. These headphones were able to block out the sounds around me completely. I couldn't hear the person sitting next to me who was shouting at me. So, I had to test them further, and here is what else I learned about these ANC headphones with surround sound.

What are Sonos Ace Headphones?

Sonos Ace Headphone unboxed.Sonos Ace headphones unboxedGearBrain

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The Sonos Ace over-the-ear Bluetooth headphones redefine personal audio with impeccable sound quality and innovative features. Crafted with precision and care, they deliver an unparalleled listening experience that combines cutting-edge technology with elegant design and comfort.

These headphones come with multiple key features, which I have listed below:

  • Spatial Audio: Immerse yourself in a 360-degree soundscape with spatial audio, delivering a rich and detailed listening experience.
  • Active Noise Cancellation: Block out the world and enjoy pure sound with active noise cancellation, ensuring that nothing distracts you from your music or calls.
  • Lossless Audio: Experience the highest quality sound with lossless audio, providing crystal-clear playback of your favorite tracks.
  • Aware Mode: Stay connected to your surroundings with Aware mode, which allows you to hear ambient sounds for safety and convenience.
  • Dolby Atmos: Enjoy cinematic sound quality with Dolby Atmos, creating a dynamic and immersive audio experience.
  • 30-Hour Battery Life: Keep the music going all day and night with up to 30 hours of battery life on a single charge.
  • Dynamic Head Tracking: Stay in the center of the action with dynamic head tracking, which adjusts the sound based on your movements for an immersive listening experience.
  • Rapid Charging: Never miss a beat with rapid charging. With a quick 3-minute charge using the included USB-C cable, you can get up to 3 hours of playtime.
  • USB-C and 3.5 mm Connectivity: Enjoy versatile connectivity options with USB-C and 3.5 mm inputs, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices.
  • Bluetooth: Wirelessly connect to your devices with Bluetooth for easy and convenient listening.
  • Wear Detection: Wear detection saves battery life and enhances convenience by automatically pausing your music when you remove the headphones.
  • Compatibility with Apple (iOS) and Android Devices: Sonos Ace works flawlessly with both Apple (iOS) and Android devices, making it easy to integrate into your daily routine. You can play music from your favorite music streaming services or listen to podcasts. If you want Siri or Google Assistant to do something, you can easily activate them with just a long press of a button on the Ace headphones.

Features of Sonos Ace in the newly designed Sonos App

Sonos app home screen


the new look for Sonos App

Elegant Design and Comfort

Sonos Ace is designed to look as good as it sounds. The slim profile and sleek matte finish blend beautifully with any style, while lightweight, premium materials provide an airy fit that gently hugs your head. The pillowy soft memory foam interior, wrapped in vegan leather, and a custom headband with ear cups that hide the hinge create the perfect acoustic seal without catching on hair.

Responsibly Made

Sonos Ace is built to last for daily wear with replaceable ear cushions and circular materials that use 17% less virgin plastic. The headphones come with a 75% recycled felt travel case made from plastic bottles. Engineered for energy efficiency, wear detection pauses your music when you remove the headphones, minimizing the need for charging.

Experience the Future of Personal Audio

With Sonos Ace, you get superior sound quality, elegant design, and sustainable practices all in one. Elevate your listening experience with the best in technology and comfort, and enjoy your music, podcasts, and calls like never before.

Screenshot of Sonos app homescreenThe new Sonos App homescreenGearBrain

Smart Home Integrations?

a screenshot of the voice activation section in the Sonos appSonos App works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Sonos Voice or any voice assistant on your smartphone.GearBrain

Sonos Ace headphones connect to your smartphone or tablet via a Bluetooth wireless connection. They do not work on a Wi-Fi connection. Using Bluetooth, users can easily access their smart assistant on their mobile device with just a long push of the Content key on the right earcup. Once you connect to your voice assistant, you can easily give voice commands to your smart devices in your smart home.

Cost of Sonos Ace Headphones

Today, the Sonos Ace headphones are available in Black and White. Their MSRP is $449 and is available on the company website, Amazon, Best Buy, and other major online retailers. Is this a good price? It depends on how important is high-quality immersive sound quality in a pair of headphones that offer comfort and ease of use? This is a reasonable price for some, but others might say it's too expensive. I can tell you not many headphones offer 30 hours of exceptional battery life with ANC on, spatial audio listening, and an immersive surround sound experience in headphones for less than $449.

Results of testing my Sonos Ace headphones.

a photo of Sonos Ace headphones showing the earcups facing upSonos Ace's earcups are different colors. The right one is lighter than the left one.GearBrain

After testing these premium Bluetooth headphones, I found that they had many positives and a few disappointments. Below are my thoughts on what I liked and disliked about the Sonos Ace Headphones:

What I Liked About the Sonos Ace Headphones

Adjustable EQ: One of the standout features of the Sonos Ace headphones is the ability to adjust the EQ settings through the Sonos app. This function allows users to tailor the sound levels to their preferences, enhancing the overall listening experience.

Battery Life: The 30-hour battery life with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) on is impressive. Comparatively, other high-end headphones like the Sony WH-1000XM5 offer only up to 24 hours of playtime with ANC on, making the Sonos Ace a leader in this aspect.

Charge Time: The 3 hours required to power the Sonos Ace headphones fully are efficient, especially compared to the 3.5 hours needed by Sony's headphones.

Wear Detection: This feature is incredibly convenient. It automatically pauses music when the headphones are removed. It's particularly useful when someone needs your attention, eliminating the need to stop the audio manually.

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Superior ANC: The Sonos Ace's noise-canceling technology is exceptional. It effectively blocks out ambient noise to the point where even someone shouting nearby is inaudible. This feature is ideal for immersive listening but should be used cautiously in active environments.

Spatial Audio: Another highlight is the ability to play spatial audio. With Noise Control activated, the immersive 360-degree sound experience is akin to having surround sound in a headset. However, this feature works best with music labeled as spatial audio or content recorded using Dolby Atmos.

Seamless Device Switching: Another benefit is the ease of switching audio from the Sonos Arc soundbar to the Ace headphones. This feature was particularly useful during a family situation, as I could continue watching a Ranger hockey game on my headphones without disturbing others.

Dynamic Head Tracking: This innovative feature maintains the audio position relative to head movements, enhancing the experience when watching movies or sports.

Screenshot of sound settings for Sonos Aceuse Sonos App to control your sound mix for Sonos Ace, including EQ and Head TrackingGearBrain

Design and Comfort: The headphones' fit and functionality are excellent. The earcups are made of soft memory foam and vegan leather, providing a comfortable and secure fit, even with extended use. The removable and cleanable earcups and a headband that doesn't cause discomfort add to the comfort level.

Ease of Use: The controls are intuitive and easy to locate, with the main functions placed on the right earcup. This design choice and clearly marked buttons for Noise Control, playback, and volume make operating the headphones straightforward.

Carrying Case: The sleek hard shell carrying case is a thoughtful addition, making it easy to transport the headphones securely. The internal wires case, secured with a magnet, is a nice touch of organization.

a photo of Sonos Ace carrying caseSonos Case for Ace headphones comes with a small case to store your wires.GearBrain

What I Didn't Like About the Sonos Ace Headphones

Limited Device Interaction: The headphones only interact with the Sonos Arc soundbar, not other Sonos speakers like the Sonos Ear 300 or 100 smart speakers. Expanding compatibility would enhance the product's versatility.

Sonos App Issues: The Sonos app occasionally failed to recognize the headphones when connected via Bluetooth. This required refreshing the app to adjust the EQ settings, which can be inconvenient.

Price: The Sonos Ace headphones are priced at $449 and are on the higher end of the market. While the features justify the cost, it may be a significant investment for some users.

Limited to Bluetooth: The headphones only support a Bluetooth wireless connection. Adding Wi-Fi capability would have been a valuable enhancement, providing more connectivity options.


Over the past few weeks, I have used the Sonos Ace headphones to listen to music, play video games on a PS5, and watch movies and playoff hockey on a Sonos Arc, and the headphones didn't disappoint me. These over-the-ear headphones offered a superior listening experience with advanced features like adjustable EQ, exceptional ANC, and spatial audio like no other high-quality Bluetooth headset. It was a joy to test. However, there are points I would like to point out. These headphones are priced at a premium, and some improvements in device compatibility and app functionality could make them even better.

If you are a Sonos user and fan of the brand, you will love these headphones. If you are in the market for ANC Bluetooth headphones but have a limited budget, the Sonos Ace is not for you. But if price is not an issue, I recommend the Sonos Ace headphones. They will not disappoint you.


  • Battery Life
  • ANC
  • Head Tracking feature
  • Customizable EQ
  • Spatial Audio
  • Surround Sound in headphones
  • Sleek and comfortable design


  • Price
  • Works only with Sonos Arc, no other Sonos speakers
  • Spotty Sonos app

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