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SoundPEATS Space Over-the-Ears ANC Headphones Review

Affordable Bluetooth over-the-ear headphones with exceptional comfort, performance, and battery life.

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Over the past few months, I have been doing product reviews for wireless earbuds. I decided to change it up a little recently and started doing more over-the-ear headphone reviews like this one. I found a pair of wireless headphones redefining the standard for affordable Bluetooth wireless headphones. Blending comfort, performance, and longevity, these headphones are designed to keep your days filled with immersive audio, making them a must-have for music enthusiasts and gamers alike. With their robust feature set, including Hi-Res Audio Certification, powerful 40mm dynamic drivers, and impressive battery life, these headphones promise an unparalleled listening experience at an unbeatable price. Here is my review of SoundPEATS Space Over-the-ear Headphones.

What are SoundPEATS Space Over-the-Ear Headphones?

a photo of SoundPEATS Space Over-the-Ears ANC Headphones unboxed on a countertopSoundPEATS Space Over-the-Ears ANC Headphones unboxed.GearBrain

SoundPEATS Space Over-the-Ear Headphones are affordable Bluetooth over-the-ear wireless headphones with the perfect blend of comfort, performance, and longevity. Designed to keep your days filled with immersive audio, these headphones are a must-have for music enthusiasts and gamers alike.

These headphones come with a lot of critical features:

  • Hi-Res Audio Certification: Enjoy crystal-clear sound with an inner cable that ensures high-fidelity audio transmission.
  • 40mm Dynamic Drivers with Punch Bass: Feel the depth of every beat with powerful bass and balanced sound.
  • Incredible Battery Life: Get up to 123 hours of playtime without ANC and 61 hours with ANC, ensuring your music never stops.
  • 35dB Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation: Block out unwanted noise and immerse yourself in pure sound.
  • Bluetooth 5.3 Wireless Connection: Seamless and stable connectivity for uninterrupted listening.
  • 65ms Low Latency Game Mode: Experience lag-free gaming with ultra-low latency.
  • Multi-Point Bluetooth Pairing: Connect to multiple devices effortlessly for added convenience.
  • Quick Charging: Fully recharge your headphones in 2 hours with a type C cable.
  • 1000mAh Battery: Long-lasting power to keep you going all day.

Upgrade your audio experience today with the SoundPEATS Space Over-the-Ear Headphones and enjoy endless hours of premium sound, comfort, and style.

How to set up your SoundPEATS Space headphones.

Over-the-ear headphones have different types of controls compared to wireless earbuds. Many of the over-the-ear headphones have buttons on either side of the earcups to start/stop/pause content and change listening modes (e.g., ANC on/off, gaming mode, etc.). For the SoundPEATS Space headphones, I put together this simple guide to get your Space headphones up and running in no time.

Setting Up Your SoundPEATS Space Headphones:

Setting up and controlling your SoundPEATS Space Over-the-Ear Headphones is straightforward and user-friendly. Here's a step-by-step guide to getting you started:

  1. Charge the Headphones:
    • Connect the included type C charging cable to the headphones and plug the other end into a power source.
    • Allow the headphones to charge fully (approximately 2 hours). The LED indicator will show the charging status.
  2. Power On/Off:
    • To power on, press and hold the power button for about 3 seconds until the LED indicator flashes.
    • To power off, press and hold the power button for about 3 seconds until the LED indicator turns off.
  3. Pairing with a Device:
    • Ensure the headphones are powered on.
    • Activate Bluetooth on your device (smartphone, tablet, or computer). Your mobile device must be compatible with a Bluetooth 5.3 connection.
    • Search for "SoundPEATS Space" in the list of available devices.
    • Select "SoundPEATS Space" to pair. The LED indicator will stop flashing once it is paired successfully.
  4. Multi-Point Bluetooth Pairing:
    • Pair the headphones with the first device as usual.
    • Turn off the Bluetooth on the first device.
    • Pair the headphones with the second device.
    • Once paired, reactivate Bluetooth on the first device. The headphones will now be connected to both devices.
Controlling Your SoundPEATS Space Headphones:

Once your headphones are charged up and ready to go, here are how the controls work for your Space headphones:

  1. Music Playback:
    • Play/Pause: Press the multi-function button once.
    • Next Track: Double-press the multi-function button.
    • Previous Track: Triple-press the multi-function button.
  2. Volume Control:
    • Increase Volume: Press the volume up button (+).
    • Decrease Volume: Press the volume down button (-).
  3. Active Noise Cancellation (ANC):
    • Toggle ANC On/Off: Press and hold the ANC button for about 2 seconds.
  4. Answering Calls:
    • Answer/End Call: Press the multi-function button once.
    • Reject Call: Press and hold the multi-function button for about 2 seconds.
  5. Voice Assistant:
    • Activate Voice Assistant: Press and hold the multi-function button for about 2 seconds to activate your device's voice assistant (Siri, Google Assistant, etc.).
  6. Game Mode:
    • Activate Game Mode: Triple-press the ANC button to enable 65ms low latency game mode.
  • Cleaning: Use a soft, dry cloth to clean the headphones. Avoid using harsh chemicals or water.
  • Storage: When not in use, store the headphones in a cool, dry place.

With these simple steps, you can easily set up and control your SoundPEATS Space Over-the-Ear Headphones, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable audio experience.

screenshot of soundpeats app showing setting screenIn the Soundpeats app, users can adjust the sound using the app's EQ features as well as switch between modes and control sound levels. GearBrain

How much do the SoundPEATS Space headphones cost?

SoundPEATS Space Over-the-Ear Headphones are available in three elegant colors: Black, Creamy Beige, and Ceramic White. These headphones not only sound great but also look stylish. They offer exceptional value without compromising quality and are priced at just $89.99 (MSRP).

You can purchase the Space headphones on the company site and Amazon today. Note that Amazon's price ($69.99) is less than the one listed on the company site. However, keep in mind that you need to check the company site during peak selling times, like Amazon Prime Day in July, the back-to-school period, and the holiday shopping season.


a photo of SoundPEATS Space Over-the-Ears ANC Headphones showing the controls and portsSoundPEATS Space Over-the-Ears ANC Headphones come with touch controls and a USB-C port and more.GearBrain

How well did the SoundPEATS Space headphones perform during our testing period? After testing the SoundPEATS Space over-the-ear headphones for the past four months, I've gathered a lot of insights about their performance. First, the battery life is impressive—we only needed to charge the headphones once over three months, using them for about three hours daily. The sound quality is solid, and with the built-in equalizer in the SoundPEATS app, we can customize the audio to our liking. Active noise cancellation (ANC) is also top-notch, providing an immersive experience whether gaming or listening to music and podcasts.

The headphones are lightweight and feature cushioned earcups and a headband, making them comfortable for extended periods. The controls on the headphones are easy to locate and function as expected. I particularly appreciated the 'L' and 'R' markings inside the earcups, which ensure the headphones are worn correctly and make accessing the corresponding controls easy. Additionally, I always favor headphones with an app, and the SoundPEATS app (iOS), with its built-in equalizer, makes it simple to achieve the perfect sound mix for my ears.

However, there are a few drawbacks. The headphones don't come with a carrying case. Though they can fit in a backpack or briefcase, a dedicated carrying case would have been an excellent addition. Ven the $89.99 price tag, purchasing a case separately is possible. Another concern is the design of the headphones—they are perhaps a bit too lightweight. The cushions, earcups, and headbands are comfortable, but the hardware and plastic around the headband and headphones feel somewhat fragile, raising concerns about potential damage from drops. It is something to remember for those considering these headphones for travel.

a photo of SoundPEATS Space Over-the-Ears ANC Headphones showing the L and R inside the earcups.SoundPEATS Space Over-the-Ears ANC Headphones come with the letters L and R to help you know which earcup is for your ears.GearBrain


Overall, the SoundPEATS Space Over-the-Ear Headphones deliver exceptional value with their impressive battery life, high-quality sound, and user-friendly features. The lack of a carrying case and the lightweight design may raise some concerns, but the comfort and performance of these headphones make them a worthy investment. Ey offers premium features typically found in higher-priced models at just $89.99 (or less during key selling periods), making them an excellent choice for anyone seeking reliable and versatile wireless headphones. Grade your audio experience today with the SoundPEATS Space headphones and enjoy endless hours of premium sound, comfort, and style.


  • Excellent battery life
  • Effective Active Noise Cancellation
  • Comfortable design
  • Price
  • Built-in EQ in app


  • No Carrying Case
  • Lightweight Build
  • Design Considerations

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