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SoundPEATS Air4 Wireless Earbuds Review

Discover High-Fidelity Sound with the Air4’s Cutting-Edge Technology and Comfort

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Over the years, I have tested many types of SoundPEATS earbuds. The ones I liked are the true wireless in-ear headphones. These are the earbuds or earphones that look like Apple AirPods. They have little stems at the earbud's end, making it easier for you to place the earbud in your ear. Over the past few months, I have been testing a bunch of SoundPEATS earbuds, and I like the sound they produce. In this review, I want to share my thoughts on the SoundPEATS Air4 Wireless Earbuds.

What are SoundPEATS Air4 Wireless Earbuds?

a photo of SoundPEATS Air4 Wireless Earbuds unboxedSoundPEATS Air4 Wireless Earbuds unboxedGearBrain

The SoundPEATS Air4 Wireless Earbuds are engineered to deliver premium sound quality and unparalleled wireless connectivity. They are designed for those who demand the best audio technology and comfort at an affordable price.

These in-ear wireless earbuds come with several key features:

  • Bluetooth 5.3 with Stable Multipoint Connection: Enjoy a seamless and stable wireless connection thanks to the latest Bluetooth 5.3 technology. Connect to multiple devices simultaneously without interference, ensuring a reliable link for uninterrupted listening.
  • Snapdragon Sound with aptX Lossless: Experience sound as it's meant to be heard. With Snapdragon Sound technology and aptX Lossless, the Air4 Earbuds provide high-fidelity audio, reproducing music with crystal clear precision and deep, resonant bass.
  • 13mm Dynamic Driver for Immersive Sound: Dive into a world of immersive audio with the 13mm dynamic drivers. Designed to produce a balanced sound profile, these drivers ensure vibrant, expansive soundscapes for all types of music.
  • Adaptive ANC Tech & Triple Mics Noise-Cancellation: Block out the world and tune into your sounds. The adaptive Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology and triple microphones filter out ambient noise, allowing you to focus on your calls or music in peace.
  • 88ms Low Latency Game Mode: Enhance your gaming sessions with the specialized Low Latency Game Mode. At just 88ms, lag is virtually imperceptible, ensuring that audio syncs flawlessly with your gameplay for a competitive edge.
  • Total 26 Hours Playtime & App Control: Keep your tunes playing all day. With up to 26 hours of total playtime, the Air4 provides enough charge for multiple listening sessions. Control settings and customize your experience with the user-friendly app.

Whether you're an audiophile, a daily commuter, or a gaming enthusiast, the SoundPEATS Air4 Wireless Earbuds are your perfect companion. Step into a new era of sound and enjoy the ultimate in wireless earbud technology.

a photo of SoundPEATS app section where you can customized the sound coming out of the earbudsSoundPEATS app come with Built-in Customized EQ GearBrain

How to control your SoundPEATS Air4 Wireless Earbuds

Experience personalized sound control with the SoundPEATS Air4 Earbuds, which are equipped with intuitive touch controls and the versatile SoundPEATS app. Whether adjusting sound settings or managing playback, these earbuds deliver a tailored audio experience right at your fingertips.

SoundPEATS App Customization:

  • Available on iOS and Android: Download the SoundPEATS app to unlock a suite of customization features for your earbuds.
  • Adaptive EQ with Hearing Test: When you first set up your Air4, take a simple hearing test to set up your sound profile. This feature adjusts the audio based on your hearing sensitivity, ensuring optimal sound quality.
  • Preset Sound Profiles: Easily switch between sound profiles tailored directly to different genres and environments from the app.

a closeup of SoundPEATS Air4 Wireless Earbudtouch controls for SoundPEATS Air4 Wireless Earbuds are on the outside of the earbud.GearBrain

The Touch Control Features include the following:

  • Central Touch Zone: Each earbud features a responsive central touch zone. For the best response, ensure your fingers are dry and press the center of the earbud.
  • Playback Controls:
    • Play/Pause: Double-tap either earbud.
    • Next Track: Press and hold the right earbud until you hear a beep.
    • Previous Track: Double-tap the left earbud.
    • Volume Adjustment: Single tap on the right earbud to increase volume and on the left to decrease.
  • Call Management:
    • Answer/End Call: Single tap on either earbud.
    • Reject Call: Press and hold either earbud for 2 seconds.
    • Switch Between Calls: Press and hold the multifunction button for 2 seconds.
  • Additional Features:
    • Voice Assistant Activation: Triple-tap the center of the right earbud.
    • Game Mode Activation: Triple-tap the left earbud for an optimized gaming experience.

Usage tip we learned by testing the Air4 wireless earbuds: The touch sensors are highly sensitive. For precise control, target your taps to the center of the earbuds.

With these controls and settings, your SoundPEATS Air4 earbuds are a gateway to premium audio and a hub for personalizing your listening experience. Enjoy the freedom of shaping your sound environment to match your preferences.

A screenshot of the customized EQ screen in the SoundPEATSCustomized EQ in the SoundPEATS app GearBrain

How much do SoundPEATs Air4 Wireless Earbuds cost?

The Air4 Wireless Earbuds by SoundPEATS have a $89.99 MSRP in four colors: black, white, transparent white, and transparent black. You can buy them on the company site, Amazon Worldwide. Is this a reasonable price for a pair of in-ear wireless earbuds? Based on my experience testing wireless earbuds, the Air4 earbuds are priced right. They have many good features, like ANC and aptX Lossless, which are found in higher-priced wireless earbuds but are considerably less expensive. That alone is worth the purchase.

Performance - How did the Air4 Wireless Earbuds perform?

Having spent several months rigorously testing the SoundPEATS Air4 Wireless Earbuds in various everyday scenarios, I've comprehensively understood their performance, usability, and overall value. Here's my detailed review:

  • Usage and Performance: I used the Air4 earbuds daily to listen to music and podcasts during breakfast while walking around town and during my commutes to the city. The earbuds provided a comfortable fit and easy control features, which made them convenient for regular use.
  • Sound Quality and App Functionality: The highlight of my experience was the SoundPEATS app, which significantly enhanced the audio quality. The app's personal sound test allowed me to tailor the audio settings to my preference, achieving the perfect sound mix. This feature emerged as it transformed the listening experience by customizing the audio output to suit my hearing profile.
  • Battery Life: The battery performance was exceptional. I managed to get over a month of listening time from a single charge, with daily usage spanning several hours. This is particularly impressive and a significant advantage for anyone looking for earbuds with long-lasting battery life.
  • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC): The ANC feature effectively reduces background noise, providing an immersive audio environment. This was especially noticeable outdoors; however, while the ANC makes surroundings quieter, it can pose a safety risk in busy areas by isolating you from important ambient sounds.
  • Game Mode: Although I am not a gamer, the Air4 does include a game mode that might appeal to those interested in gaming. My children found this feature beneficial, enhancing their gaming experience by minimizing audio lag.

another close up of the SoundPEATS Air4 Wireless Earbud in the hand of the reviewerThe SoundPEATS Air4 Wireless Earbuds come with ANC mode and quality sound mix.GearBrain

Based on my testing these earbuds for several months, here are the areas I think need improvement:

  • Call Quality: The microphone quality during phone calls was somewhat disappointing. Compared to other models by SoundPEATS, the call audio was subpar, making it difficult for callers to hear me.
  • Fit and Comfort: The earbuds are lightweight and generally comfortable but tend to fall out during vigorous activities like working out. Additionally, they were ineffective in blocking wind noise outside during my daily walk. This could be problematic for users looking to use the earbuds outdoors.

Overall, the SoundPEATS Air4 Wireless Earbuds offer solid performance, especially considering their price point below $50 on platforms like Amazon. They are an excellent choice for casual listening, with features that cater well to everyday activities. However, improvements could be made in microphone quality and fit to enhance their usability during physical activities and communication. For anyone seeking a budget-friendly pair of earbuds with robust features and impressive battery life, the Air4 is worth considering, especially when on sale for less than $50.

User Review Summary

It's great to share my thoughts on the SoundPEATS Air4 Earbuds, but hearing what others say about them is also helpful. After reviewing the user reviews on SoundPEATS Air4 earbuds, I found some interesting feedback I would like to share. Here is a summary of the positive and negative users are commenting on Air4 wireless earbuds:

Positive Feedback:

The SoundPEATS Air4 Wireless Earbuds have garnered praise primarily for their impressive sound quality, with users appreciating the clarity across various tonal ranges and the noticeable presence of bass, even in their half-in-ear design. Users find the app beneficial, as highlighted by its user-friendly interface that supports reliable connectivity, firmware updates, and customizable EQ settings, which can be tailored to individual hearing profiles. The comfortable and secure fit of the earbuds makes them suitable for active use, such as biking or longboarding, and the battery life exceeds expectations, often lasting longer than anticipated with active features like ANC engaged. Additionally, features like the multipoint connection and the compact, satisfyingly designed case have been positively noted.

Negative Feedback:

However, the earbuds face criticism regarding their active noise cancellation (ANC) effectiveness, which some users find underwhelming, especially in variable noise environments. The microphone quality is another point of contention, as it often fails to pick up voices clearly, complicating phone calls. Some users have expressed frustration with the touch controls, which can be overly sensitive and poorly arranged, leading to accidental activations. Others have encountered issues with the app being laggy and the pairing process being cumbersome, requiring frequent adjustments. Moreover, while many users find the earbuds secure, a few report challenges with keeping them in place during vigorous activities and insufficient blocking of external noises like the wind.


In conclusion, after extensive testing and consideration, the SoundPEATS Air4 Wireless Earbuds presents a compelling choice for those seeking quality sound and advanced features at an accessible price point. They excel in providing customizable audio through a user-friendly app and offer a secure, comfortable fit ideal for various daily activities. However, while they shine in terms of battery life and ease of use, areas like the effectiveness of the ANC and the clarity of phone calls do leave room for improvement. Despite a few shortcomings, these earbuds stand out in the crowded market of wireless audio devices, especially for users looking for a non-invasive earbud-style combined with reliable functionality. Suppose you value sound customization and want an affordable, versatile pair of earbuds. In that case, the SoundPEATS Air4 might just hit the right note, offering a robust audio experience without breaking the bank.

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