Lenovo Jedi Challenges gets new Star Wars planet and characters

Lenovo Jedi Challenges gets new Star Wars planet and characters

You can soon play with your own Porg at home

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Just as the new Star Wars movie drops, Lenovo is planning to push out new augmented reality content to its Star Wars: Jedi Challenges VR headset. Players will find a new planet and characters — along with new experiences.

The planet Crait, seen for the first time in Star Wars The Last Jedi, will open up with three new levels, enemies and the First Order AT-M6 walker. Fancy yourself a Jedi Master? Consider challenges two elite Praetorian Guards — yes, these are bad guys — at the same time. You can also duel the Riot Control Stormtrooper and First Order Stormtrooper Executioner. (Yes, more bad guys.)

Porgs — the Ewoks of this Star Wars trilogy — are also coming to the experience, viewable in augmented reality through the $199 Jedi Challenges toy.

Lenovo's AR device drops players into the Star Wars world, letting you fight along side Obi-Wan Kenobi, play some round of Holochess like Chewbacca did on the Millennium Falcon, take down clones, and explore worlds from Naboo to Hoth. You're doing all this through an augmented reality headset — and a working lightsaber.

The new expansion, a joint push from Disney, Lucasfilm and Lenovo, launches in January — through the Star Wars: Jedi Challenges mobile app.

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