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Swann Unleashes MaxRanger4K: A New Era in Wireless Security Cameras

Experience Unmatched Signal Strength and Smart Security Features with Swann’s Award-Winning MaxRanger4K

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Swann, a leading name in DIY security solutions, proudly unveiled the MaxRanger4K on March 7, 2024. This innovative wireless security camera has already garnered acclaim, clinching several awards at CES 2024, including the prestigious Best of CES from renowned outlets such as TWICE, TechRadar Pro, Residential Systems, and GearBrain Editor's Choice 2024.

The MaxRanger4K sets a new standard in wireless security cameras. It boasts an unparalleled signal range, leveraging 900MHz long-range wireless technology to maintain connectivity up to 2,000 feet in open air—a staggering 20 times the coverage of conventional Wi-Fi cameras. "The MaxRanger4K showcases the innovation and trust that Swann Security is known for. Its expansive signal range puts it in a class all its own, allowing for detecting threats at the early stages," remarked Alex Talevski, CEO of Swann Security.

a photo of a person holding Swann MaxRanger 4X Solar Wireless Camera at CES Show 2024Swann MaxRanger4K Solar Wireless Camera at CES Show 2024. GearBrain

Ease of installation is a hallmark of the MaxRanger4K, with cameras pre-paired with the hub for a hassle-free setup. Including built-in solar panels eliminates the need for recharging, ensuring uninterrupted security. The system's TrueDetect+ feature is adept at sensing heat, motion, people, and cars, reliably triggering mobile alerts, video recordings, spotlights, and sirens. All functionalities are seamlessly managed through the Swann Security app.

Equipped with industry-leading Sony STARVIS sensors, the MaxRanger4K delivers exceptional 4K color video quality day and night. Its robust design ensures functionality in all weather conditions, making it ideal for securing hard-to-reach areas such as perimeter fences, farms, parking lots, warehouses, and more.

a photo with features listed for  Swann MaxRanger4K Security Camera Swann MaxRanger4K Security Camera comes with many good night and day security camera featuresSwann

"The dedicated 900MHz Wi-Fi means that even in short distances or crowded areas, the signal is stronger, and the cameras won't struggle to maintain a reliable Wi-Fi connection. This is the future security system, and Swann is proud to be the first to offer these capabilities to our customers now," Talevski added.

Further enhancing its appeal, the MaxRanger4K offers versatile storage options with 64GB of local memory and cloud backup. In case of power outages, the hub includes a battery backup for up to five hours. Available in configurations of 2, 3, or 4 cameras, with the ability to expand up to 8 cameras on the same hub, the MaxRanger4K ensures comprehensive coverage for any property.

In tandem with the MaxRanger4K's launch, Swann Security has also refreshed its brand identity. This rebranding reflects a new chapter in the company's history, emphasizing innovation, trust, and a commitment to delivering "Security You Can Trust," all built on a 40-year legacy of excellence in the security industry.

Swann MaxRanger4K - Hero Video (USA, Long, Final)Swann's new MaxRanger4K Solar Security System has the longest, strongest wireless signal transmitting up to 2000' or 600m in ...

We saw this new Swann outdoor security camera at this year's CES Show in Las Vegas and were very impressed with its design and long connectivity range. Over the next few weeks, GearBrain will put the new MaxRanger4K security camera through our testing process. Once complete, we will publish our findings and tell you how this innovative smart security camera with an incredible long-range Wi-Fi connection performed. In the interim, for more information and to preorder the MaxRanger 4K, visit

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