Here's How Tesla Autopilot Saved At Least One Man's Life

Here's How Tesla Autopilot Saved At Least One Man's Life

Gear up on five IoT news bites for Monday

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Tesla Autopilot Does Good One man is crediting Tesla Autopilot with saving his life, allowing the self-driving software to pilot him and his Model X SUV to a hospital as he endured a pulmonary embolism. Joshua Neally, from Branson, MO., had engaged Autopilot when he started having severe pain. The software had control of the Model X before getting to an exit ramp, where Neally took over to get to the emergency room. He believes without Autopilot, he would have had to pull over, make a call and wait for an ambulance—certainly a delay in his care. (Via Tech Times)

Pokémon Problems Pokémon GO players are a complaining lot. Sometimes they have good reason. The latest concerns revolve around PokeStops that are disappearing. Although Niantic has encouraged people to report inappropriate PokeStops, like say, the one originally installed at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. But now it seems, some are just vanishing completely. (Via Forbes)

Apple Says Hack Us Apple is promising up to $200,000 to anyone who can find vulnerabilities in Apple software. These rewards, given by tech companies eager to find problems with their operating systems and software, are called bug bounties. (Via CNET)

HTC Launches Viveport HTC is launching its own VR app store called Viveport. What should you expect? Think edutainment, sports, travel and 360-degree video. The actual space is expected to go love this fall, with a developer beta launching in just a few weeks.

Voice ControlVoice command is quickly growing into a dominant way we control our devices: from Siri to Alexa. What's next on the horizon? GearBrain takes a look at why we think voice will be the way you'll run your smart home very soon.

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