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Tesla says new Model S Plaid has PS5 levels of gaming performance

The car was shown playing Cyberpunk at June 10 launch event

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Tesla has begun customer deliveries of its new Model S Plaid, and during the live event CEO Elon Musk said how the car offers PlayStation 5 levels of video game performance.

Musk made the comments towards the end of the event, which saw the first 25 Model S Plaid cars handed over to their new owners. The Tesla boss said he hopes to be producing hundreds of vehicles a week soon, and over a thousand a week by the end of the quarter.

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The PS5-rivaling computer system powers the car's infotainment and 22-speaker sound system. There is a new, landscape-orientation touchscreen on the dashboard and a new second display between the seats, for rear passengers.

Musk said during the event: "There has never been a car that has state-of-the-art computing technology, state-of-the-art entertainment, where this is literally the equivalent of a PlayStation 5."

Tesla's Autopilot driver assistance system wasn't spoken about at the event this week, but Musk mentioned how the high computational performance of the new Model S means future passengers will be able to enjoy AAA-grade video games while using Autopilot.

The Tesla boss continued: "If you think about a future where the car is often in Autopilot of full self-driving mode, then entertainment is going to become increasingly important. You're going to want to watch movies, play games and use the internet. You know, just things you want to do while not driving. And this is actual PlayStation 5-level performance."

This was followed by a live gaming demo that saw the Cyberpunk 2077 video game being played on the dashboard display. Musk said how the game can be played at 60fps, which is on par with other game consoles. The PS5 and Xbox Series X are capable of a frame rate of 120fps, but few games offer this for now.

It is undeniably an impressive feature for the new Model S Plaid, but it isn't clear for now what software the system uses to run video games, or where games can be purchased from. Naturally, a stable Wi-Fi connection will be needed to download such large games, and a large amount of storage will be needed to hold them.

Away from its infotainment system, Musk said how the $129,990 Model S Plaid has a 0-60mph time of under two seconds, a top speed of 200mph and a power output of over 1,000hp, making it one of the quickest production cars ever made.

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