Ticket + Fingerprint, Please

Theme Parks Want More Than What's In Your Wallet

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Thinking of a theme park vacation this summer? Be prepared to pay-out more than just a few big bills. Many amusement parks now require season pass holders, and those who also buy multi-day passes, to submit to a finger scan—capturing the whirls and whorls of their print and translating those details into a numeric code. In some cases, parks will let you use photo identification, if you demand.

The reasoning is to protect the parks from ticket holders sharing their passes with others. Theme parks aren't the only spots where biometric information is demanded to identify users. Want to spend the day on a skateboard at Poway Skate Park in Poway, CA? You'll need to register with its Community Services staff with a thumbprint and photograph.

Here are five theme parks where you'll need more than just your ticket this summer.

Universal Studios

Walt Disney World

Six Flags

Sea World

Busch Gardens

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