Because Who Doesn't Want Baby Robots Riding Shotgun

Because Who Doesn't Want Baby Robots Riding Shotgun

Gear up on five IoT news bites for Tuesday

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Baby Robot Want to spend $400 on a baby robot—one that also speaks in a high-pitched voice? Unless you live in Japan, you're out of luck. At 4-inches tall, Kirobo Mini can fit in the palm of the hand and comes from carmaker Toyota. The robot can speak, move and even react to your emotions, says the company. IT even imagines the tiny robot as something you'd keep in your car to make your drive a "physically and emotionally transformative experience," says Toyota's web site. Anyone who has ever driven with a real baby knows that a car ride can certainly be an experience. Here's hoping Kirobo Mini is a bit more chill.

Facebook's Marketplace Facebook has launched an online flea market, where users of the social media site can either post items they want to sell, or peruse things they may want to buy. You can access the Marketplace on the web—yet—only through Facebook's app. But depending on how popular the feature is, that could change. Payment, delivery...that's all controlled by the buyer and seller for now. Will Marketplace edge out eBay or Craigslist? You tell us.

Microsoft Dis-Bands Microsoft won't be making wearables for the time being, even deciding to take its current fitness device, Band, from its online stores. The company told ZDNet that they removed the device because they had "sold through our existing Band 2 inventory..." but that they would still support customers who owned the device.

Today's Google Event Want to watch Google as it unveils its new smartphones today? The live event starts at 9 am PT/ 12 pm ET and you can watch it live on YouTube. Beyond its new smartphones, Google is expected to talk about the new VR platform its building called Daydream, also Google Home—its entry into the smart home space and meant to be a key competitor to Amazon Echo.

Home Security Home security systems are often one of the first big picture items home owners buy. But which one to choose? One you install yourself, one you hire someone to install, or one you install alone but have someone else take care of? We did a thorough look at Frontpoint Security, which fits into the later spot.

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