Twitter is playing with a take back option for tweets

The social media site is looking at allowing users to redo their tweets even after they've sent

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Twitter is testing a new option, a way to pull back a tweet after it's been sent — but before the message has been published on the social media site. The feature is basically a time window that would put the tweet into a hold letting someone change the message and then publish it, according to CNN.

The discovery was first found by an app developer which showed, on Twitter, a blue bar that slowly wound down over a few seconds with the word "Undo" over it."

Google offers a similar option with Gmail, giving people a few seconds as well to rescind their email before it is officially sent, with similar language through an "Undo" button.

New features have been slowly rolling out to the Twitter community over the past year including one that lets users limit who can reply to a tweet or not. That setting lets the original poster allow anyone to comment, or only those who follow them — or those who are tagged in the post.

This latest tool that Twitter is testing appears as a bar, but as seen does not give people much time to pull back their tweet, nor fix an error. While tweets can be removed and deleted, they are still published within a timeline. That means people will have seen them if published, but links back to a deleted tweet won't work if they're removed.

You also can't edit a tweet, which is different from Facebook for example which does allow people to edit a post. Although in those cases, a post is marked that it has been edited from the original message. And when someone clicks "Undo" on a Gmail message, the message is brought back into a draft mode.

There isn't any information on how Twitter would handle a tweet that had been pulled back for an edit or deletion, if it would be seen as a draft or just deleted. Nor is there any word on whether the feature will actually go into production for Twitter users, or is just a tool the social media company will test, and never offer.

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