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Video: Buying Guide For Fitness Trackers

Video: Buying Guide For Fitness Trackers

GearBrain video that helps you learn what you need to know before buying a fitness tracker

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Not sure where to start when buying a fitness tracker? GearBrain has you covered. We created a short video based on our article, Fitness Trackers: What You Need To Know Before You Buy, to help you understand the key factors when buying a fitness tracker to meet your needs. We understand you have a lot to choose from and more new devices are coming to the market every day. You can easily get confused and end up buying the wrong one.

Overall, here are a few things you can need to ask yourself:

  • What Features Do You want? Think about the features you are going to need or want to tackle. For instance, do you want to track your sleep or heart rate?
  • Screen or No Screen?Some devices come with no digital display and some have a big display so you can read all the data on your device. You just need to decide if you want to have your smartphone with you—or not—when working out.
  • What Activity Will You Primarily Be Tracking? Make sure you look for a device that meets your needs and tracks your activity. Many activities require basic features. But these are not always included in each fitness tracker. For instance, swimmers need a waterproof device and not one that is just water-resistant.
  • What Form Factor Fits You? Do you want a device that you can wear as a wristband or a smartwatch? Decide the look and feel you want in your fitness tracker.
  • What apps or services are right for you?Look at the apps you might want to use with your fitness tracker. Determine all the data you want to collect and then what you want to do with it. Note that while some of the devices will say they are good for certain activities, when you download the app, you find it doesn't work with that particular tracker.

For more information on fitness trackers, you can also check out some of our reviews on Jawbone Up3, Misfit, Withings, Athos and Fitbit. You an also learn about Top 20 Terms You Need To Know About Fitness Trackers as well as How Latest Fitness Bands Stack up.

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