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Trident IoT: See what and how they plan to simplify connected devices

Everything you need to know about the new technology and engineering company that will help simplify production of connected devices.

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One of the biggest challenges for manufacturers of smart devices today has been the ability to consult with a product designer who is familiar with the specific product that they are trying to design. It seems not having a lead product designer for IoT products can lead to a product that is not functional or user-friendly and meets the needs of its intended users. Now there is a new company that has been launched to fill this void and help manufacturers design and manufacture cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing connected devices. It's called Trident IoT.

we have been communicating for years is the interoperability of smart devices. Ensuring all your connected products are on the same wireless connection is complex and challenging. So many wireless protocols on the market make it hard for users to find, buy and connect devices in their homes. Today, a new company was launched to address these issues, and it's called Trident IoT.

Trident IoT is a new technology and engineering company focused on simplifying RF development and decreasing time-to-market for connected device manufacturers. Trident IoT will be a direct supplier of Z-Wave Technology solutions and a proprietary silicon and module manufacturer. The company will also offer product design and development consulting for any RF technology, UL and ETL preparation, and U.S.-based Z-Wave device certification.

Trident IoT logoTrident IoTTrident IoT

Trident IoT was founded by IoT pioneers Mariusz Malkowski, Michael Lamb, and Bill Scheffler. The founders observed that supply chain chokepoints and lack of access to product-specific design consultation were slowing down development processes across the industry. They created Trident IoT to fill this gap, offering companies of any size cost-effective solutions for bringing wireless products to market.

Though Trident IoT will offer consultation services for any RF technology, including Z-Wave, Zigbee, Bluetooth, Thread, and more, the company's first chipset and module offerings will be part of the Z-Wave ecosystem. Z-Wave is the largest sub-GHz ecosystem of connected devices, with a proven track record of mesh connectivity, range, performance, reliability, security, and interoperability. Trident IoT sees tremendous opportunity for Z-Wave Long Range (LR) which is currently both underserved and underrepresented in the market.

"Silicon Labs welcomes Trident IoT to the market as a provider of Z-Wave chips and modules," says Colin Cureton, Senior Director of IoT Home & Life Ecosystems Marketing at Silicon Labs. "Diversity in the marketplace will lead to growth and innovation for the entire Z-Wave ecosystem, and the personalized attention and engineering expertise that Trident IoT's founders bring to the connected device development process is precisely what the industry needs to accelerate."

Trident IoT has assembled some of the brightest Z-Wave engineers in the world and will be a direct provider of Z-Wave chips and modules that support the latest advancements in Z-Wave technology, including Z-Wave Plus, Z-Wave Plus v.2 and Z-Wave Long Range (LR), which supports the development of edge-of-property devices. These products are designed to meet the needs of diverse target markets, including smart homes, hospitality, and multi-dwelling units (MDU).

Photo of founder Mariusz MalkowskiTrident IoT founder Mariusz MalkowskiTrident IoT

"Trident IoT can streamline every step of the development process for Z-Wave devices equipped with next-gen technological advancements," says founder Mariusz Malkowski. "We are the supplier source, the development and engineering partner, and a Z-Wave certification laboratory."

Trident IoT has joined Z-Wave Alliance as a principal member, as well as the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, and the LoRa Alliance. The company's ultimate goal is to provide engineering, consultation, silicon, software, firmware, and industry and government certification support for all RF ecosystems. Trident IoT can radically shorten the timeline required to bring products to market by providing support at every stage of connected device development. Trident IoT looks to partner with related device makers to develop a new generation of secure, reliable, interoperable, and innovative IoT products.

GearBrain welcomes Trident IoT to the market, and we wish you all the best in helping consumers simplify all these new smart devices and systems. We also look forward to testing your new smart devices in real homes, so be on the lookout for our reviews on GearBrain. And you will be able to use The GearBrain; our compatibility find engine for smart devices, to find, buy and connect any smart device compatible with Trident IoT soon. In the interim, if you want to learn more about Trident IoT, you can visit the company's website.

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