Yahoo Hack Is Bigger Than Population of The U.S.

Yahoo Hack Is Bigger Than Population of The U.S.

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Yahoo Hack The size of Yahoo's hack is so monstrous, it's hard to wrap heads around the attack. At least 500 million accounts had data stolen from names to email addresses, phone numbers to passwords and dates of birth. It's being called the biggest data breach on record — and it happened two years ago. Yahoo is offering no details on why it's taken so long for the company to learn about the hack. But the company, which is currently in deals to be bought by Verizon for nearly $5 billion, said it believes the hacker was a "state-sponsored actor." The only move is for Yahoo users to change their passwords—which is good advice for anyone who has an online account to do periodically. And that, basically, means anyone. While that doesn't retrieve their lost information. It does at least attempt to protect their accounts for now. That is, if anyone still feels comfortable using Yahoo.

Tesla Sues Michigan Carmaker Tesla has decided to bring the state of Michigan to court — angered over a law that doesn't allow the carmaker to sell its electric vehicles to consumers. Many states, including Michigan, have laws on the books that prevent carmakers from selling cars to buyers, forcing consumers to purchase cars from dealerships instead. Tesla has managed to get stores in 23 states and in Washington, D.C. but the carmaker wants in the car-making state, Michigan. (Via Reuters)

Lego Drone Melding two favorites into one, Flybrix has built a drone-making kit that uses Lego as its base. The kits (There are two) are not endorsed by Lego, but use the famous plastic bricks to build a quad, hex and octocopter, then fly with the Flybrix app, which is both iOS and Android compatible. (No one gets left out.) Fun like this doesn't come cheap, though. The Basic Kit starts at $149, and the Deluxe Flybrix Kit, which comes with a controller) starts at $189. Flybrix says supplies are limited, which may mean a rush on these even before the holiday buying season hits.

Apple's Liquid Watch A new patent for Apple is for a "electrically active fluid" that could be in one of its devices, like a smart watch, and allow the band, for example to change colors, or even print out messages. The color changes could be spurred by an incoming phone call, for example, or from a series of touch commands. Should you expect this new technology in Apple Watch 3? We'll keep you posted. (Via Patently Apple)

VR? Not Email Virtual reality is fun, engaging and exciting, yes. But Brad Berens argues that VR is hardly as transformative as email—and outlines how the technology needs to change.

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