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7 best budget laptops for college students

There's a thin line between price, quality, and transportability — and these laptops check all the boxes, great for today's virtual learning environment

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Whether you're heading out to college or about to start school virtually, a new laptop is almost a necessary school supply this year. Whether required or not, laptops certainly cost far more than a set of pencils and a notebook. But there are solid budget options that can certainly do the job of getting you online to attend class, finish a paper — and far more.

These laptops are all available now, and you can pick them up immediately without having to wait for pre-ordering. They start at $300 and go up from there, but not one of them will cost more than $1,000. Here are our picks then for some of the best budget laptops for any student.

Samsung Notebook Flash — $399.99


One of the most affordable laptops on the list, the Samsung Notebook Flash has a built-in fingerprint sensor.

The Samsung Notebook Flash is one of the most affordable of all the laptops on our list, at $399.99. You get a built-in fingerprint sensor, and an Intel Pentium Silver quad-core Processor N5000 built inside.

There's a 13.3-inch FHD display, and the entire machine is 16.9 mm thick. Built-in Wi-Fi supports gigabit download speeds, and you also have Universal Flash Storage, along with 4 GB of system memory and a 64GB hard drive. There is a standard microSD card slot, although you'll need to buy the card separately.

This is a Windows 10 machine, and it includes a USB-C, USB3.0, USB 2.0 and a HDMI port, plus dual stereo speakers, and internal digital microphone and a web camera.

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