Tim Cook using Apple Watch to track his blood sugar
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Tim Cook using Apple Watch to track his blood sugar

Is the Apple Watch the health device of the future?

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Apple Health Tim Cook has been reportedly using a device to read his glucose levels that connects to his Apple Watch. So says a story by CNBC which cited sources who have seen Apple's CEO using the gadget at Apple's campus. He also mentioned that he had been trying a device that read his sugar earlier this year.

Apple's well-known smartwatch is quickly pushing into the health arena particularly around apps that can be used to monitor and even detect health issues like heart irregularities such as arrhythmia. Apple also bought sleep tracking device Beddit, which also collects details including heart rate.

Wrist screen Apple recently earned a patent for the Apple Watch, says Patently Apple, that would turn the band into a screen—expanding the real estate users could view or work on the wearable. In the patent, the entire surface of the Apple Watch becomes a display. A smartwatch that has more surface to let people send and read emails and messages could go further toward its adoption.

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