How To Install Kevo Smart Lock

How To Install Kevo Smart Lock

Kwikset offers intuitive and easy to use instruction for installing the Kevo Smart Lock, one of the best smart locks on the market today.

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One thing many consumers find when they begin to buy, install and link up connected devices in their smart home, is that the process can be difficult. It's not as turnkey as everyone hopes the process may be. However, we have found a connected device that's not just easy to setup and install—but includes interactive, simple instructions.

Kwikset, a manufacturer of smart locks, has some of the most effective instructions on setting-up their gadgets, and they're all housed right in the app. To demonstrate how intuitive its instructions are installing their smart lock, we assembled a step-by-step slide show, using Kwikset's Kevo 2nd Generation, which GearBrain believes is one of the best smart locks on the market. Clicking on each slide in order, will show you how easy it is to follow Kwikset's instructions for installing the smart lock, streamlining the process for consumers.

Installing Kevo Smart Lock

Choose your Kevo Product to Install

Select your language

Choose Type of Instructions

Tools You Need to Install Kevo Smart Lock

Check Your Door Dimensions

Deadbolt or Not?

Checking the Dimensions of Your Door

Dimensions of Your Door

Thickness of Your Door

Select Thickness of Your Door

Screws to Use for Kevo Lock

Is Your Door Edge Chiseled

Installing Door Latch

Centering Latch and Strike

Centering D-Shaped Hole on Latch

Installing Latch

Securing Door Latch

Installing Strike on Door Frame

Ready to Install Exterior Assembly

Installing Exterior Assembly

Mounting Plate for Exterior Assembly

Threading Cord from Exterior Assembly

Tools Needed for Securing Exterior Assembly

Thread Cord Through Mounting Bracket

Test Your Kevo Smart Lock

Installing Interior Assembly

Tools for Installing Interior Assembly

Connecting Cord to Interior Assembly

Tip on Connecting Cord to Interior Assembly

Insert Batteries

Inserting Battery Package - Door Handling

Secure Interior Assembly

RE-Key Kevo Smart Lock

Pairing Devices To Your Kevo Smart Lock

Enjoy Your Kevo Smart Lock

Smart locks are a nice addition to any home today. They can help you keep track of who is coming and going in your home—while also serving as a first stepping stone for building your smart home. Many consumers need some hand-holding on how connected devices, like smart locks, work and connect to other connected devices. GearBrain believes those manufacturers that take the time to make the setup and installation easier for consumers, are going to win more market share—and future buyers. Kwikset has done a nice job with simplifying its instructions for its smart locks, and GearBrain hopes other manufacturers of connected devices will follow this path, as more consumers begin to build their own smart homes.

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