The Art of VR opens at Sotheby's in New York

Roam through a virtual land of dinosaurs, walk through ancient sites in Syria, and be born as an Alien from the movie franchise at the two-day exhibit launching today.

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Art of VR The hallowed hallways of Sotheby's are used to the likes of Monet, Picasso and Basquiat hanging on its white plastered walls. But for the next two days, super charged computers along with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift headsets are the main attraction as part of an exhibit called The Art of VR, put on by the VR Society. Exhibitors including tech company AMD, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Discovery VR are showing their wares, while speakers including director and producer Doug Liman, will talk about how VR will fit into tomorrow's moviemaking world.

One of the main exhibit, The Virtual Reality Company, has taken over significant square footage with haptic chairs, VR headsets and even set pieces for its 10-minute short, "Raising a Rukus" the first in a planned series. The story is told in VR, letting viewers have a 360-degree view of any scene in the animated story—even handing over some of the controls on which character they follow, and what angles they see.

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