Best spooky and scary smartphone apps for Halloween 2022

Best spooky and scary smartphone apps for Halloween 2022

Give yourself a ghoulish makeover and install a scary soundboard this Halloween season.

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With Halloween 2022 just over two weeks away, it's time to load up your smartphone with the best apps to snap some spooky selfies, pick a scary new wallpaper, and cue up a soundboard full of devilish delights to play when trick-or-treaters come knocking.

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Scary Halloween Launcher Theme - Android - Free

a screenshot of Scary Halloween Launcher Theme app in the Google Play StoreScary Halloween Launcher Theme app for Android devicesGoogle Play

The Scary Halloween Launcher theme app is the perfect spooky Halloween app to add to your smartphone. To get this app, you must install the CMM Launcher 2018 first. Then you can apply the Scary Halloween Theme Launcher to make your phone stylish & green natural, orderly and cool. The original app icons, clock and weather theme of your phone will be replaced by the Scary Halloween Launcher Theme. Users can also get other Halloween (Cool Black, Skull) themes via Google Play.

Zombie Face - iOS and Android - Free, plus in-app purchases

a screenshot of Zombie face appZombie Face appAnett Meszaros

The premise here is simple, but well executed. Snap a selfie — or pick a photo from your image library — then apply one of this app's spooky Halloween faces to your own.

You can adjust the position, size, orientation and opacity of each face to make it look as realistic as possible — and we found they can look pretty great after just a couple minutes of work. There are 35 faces to pick from, plus another 50 to unlock through an in-app purchase.

Images can be shared from within the app, or you can simply take a screenshot, crop the image, then send it to you friends. Or maybe update your LinkedIn profile, we won't judge you.

Halloween Wallpapers & Backgrounds HD - iOS - Free

a screenshot of Halloween Wallpapers and background appsHalloween Wallpapers & Background HD appXinmin Wang

This app has a great range of high definition Halloween wallpapers, screensavers and backgrounds for your smartphone. The collection is easy to navigate and the occasional pop-up advert is simple to dismiss. Images can be screen-grabbed or saved to your camera roll.

Although this app is iOS-only, an Android app called Halloween Wallpaper by Pinza offers a similarly high-quality collection of images to pick from.

The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself - iOS and Android - Free

a screenshot of The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself appThe Walking Dead: Dead Yourself appAMC Network Entertainment

Another gruesome face-swapping app, Dead Yourself does a surprisingly good job of making you look terrible. Honestly, we were a little freaked out when the app applied a realistic-looking face to our own, complete with animated maggots crawling from our eye socket. There's a good range of faces available, although not as many as in Zombie Face, featured above.

What sets this app apart from others is how, after you have taken a selfie and applied the face you want, the image and your head move slightly to make it appear real, then gnaw at the screen when you tap it with your finger. It's genuinely quite uncomfortable to look at, in the best possible way.

If the app didn't map your face quite right, you can fine-tune it to make sure the animated face sits accurately on your own, with features like eyes, mouth and ears lining up neatly. You can even put a spike through your cheek or wedge an axe into your head, if that's your thing.

Spooky Box - iOS and Android - Free

a screenshot of Spooky box appSpooky Box appCookie Balloon

And finally, because Halloween wouldn't be complete without the sounds of screams, chainsaws, clowns laughing, organs playing, and clocks chiming, we have a soundboard app.

Called Spooky Box, the app contains 96 different sounds to play with a tap, with all bases pretty much covered. There's even a rendition of The Addams Family theme tune; what more could you want?

Advertisements are kept neatly out of the way and are far less intrusive than on some other apps like this, leaving you to get on with playing your favorite spooky sounds to scare off those trick-or-treaters. Hook up your phone to a Bluetooth speaker by the front door for maximum effect.

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