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4 Smart Automation Tools to Monitor Your Seniors Without Invading Their Privacy

These are the four best smart devices to monitor your elderly family members who live at home and without invading their privacy.

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Keeping in touch with your loved ones can be challenging in today's fast-paced environment. The progressive advancements in smart automation technology have introduced helpful solutions, enabling you to monitor and remain in the know of the needs of your senior family members. But many seniors don't want to be a burden and want their privacy. So, we put together this list of smart devices that can help keep an eye on your elderly family member or friend 24/7 without invading their privacy.

Medication Dispensers

a photo of Black & Decker Pria, a smart health deviceBlack & Decker Pria is a smart health device that reminds people to take medication and can alert caregivers and family when pills are delivered. GearBrain

One of the crucial elements in ensuring the well-being of your elderly relatives revolves around guaranteeing their adherence to prescribed medications, both in terms of timeliness and accurate dosages. Medication dispensers have emerged as invaluable tools within the realm of intelligent automation, facilitating discreet monitoring of medication schedules while upholding privacy concerns.

These innovative devices are specifically engineered to securely store and dispense medications at predetermined intervals, eliminating the need for manual oversight and reminders. By getting a medication dispenser, you can confidently rely on the seamless administration of medications to your loved ones, effectively mitigating the risks associated with missed doses or erroneous usage. These intelligent solutions often incorporate various features such as alarms, reminders, and even notifications to designated family members or caregivers in case of missed or skipped doses.

Wireless Cameras

photo of the Reolink E1 Zoom indoor security camera on a tableThe Reolink E1 Zoom indoor security camera Reolink

Wireless cameras present themselves as an invaluable asset, seamlessly bridging the gap between vigilance and privacy. You must involve your elderly loved ones when looking for areas to place the cameras in and let them know that it is for their safety. These intelligent automated devices offer a discreet and unobtrusive means of establishing connectivity and safeguarding the welfare of your loved ones. Strategically positioned within communal areas of the household, wireless cameras grant you the ability to monitor activities remotely and maintain regular contact with your senior family members, irrespective of your physical location.

Whether it involves verifying their safety, observing their daily routines, or being promptly alerted to any unusual incidents, these cameras foster a reassuring ambiance devoid of privacy infringement. Numerous wireless cameras boast advanced features, including motion detection, night vision, and bidirectional audio capabilities, facilitating seamless communication with your cherished elders, if necessary.

Fall Detectors

The Walabot Home, pictured here, shows on its screen that it's in monitoring modeAs soon as someone steps in the room, the Walabot Home begins to monitor to sense if someone has fallen to the floor GearBrain

Falls pose a prevalent concern among older individuals, necessitating swift detection for timely intervention. Fall detectors have been meticulously engineered to perceive abrupt movements or alterations in orientation, effectively notifying either you or a designated caregiver in the event of a fall. These unobtrusive gadgets can be worn discreetly as pendants, wristbands, or seamlessly integrated into clothing, empowering your loved ones to maintain their autonomy, secure in the knowledge that assistance is merely a button press away.

Equipped with sophisticated sensors and algorithms, fall detectors excel in distinguishing routine activities from potential falls, mitigating the occurrence of false alarms. By autonomously detecting and reporting falls, these astute devices guarantee prompt aid, consequently minimizing the likelihood of exacerbating injuries or complications.

Smart Smoke Detectors

a photo of OneLink installed on a ceiling in a house.First Alert's OneLink is a smart smoke detector with Alexa built-in

Fires, with their potential for devastation, underscore the importance of early detection in minimizing harm and ensuring the safety of your loved ones. Smart smoke detectors transcend conventional smoke alarms, integrating advanced technology and connectivity features seamlessly. These astute devices can detect smoke and fire, instantaneously activating alerts via smartphone notifications or audible alarms.

The advantage of smart smoke detectors lies in their real-time updates, empowering you to respond swiftly, even when your physical presence is absent. Through their connectivity prowess, you gain access to alerts and can undertake necessary actions, such as contacting emergency services from any location. Furthermore, smart smoke detectors often encompass additional attributes such as carbon monoxide detection, self-testing mechanisms, and integration with other intelligent home devices, thereby fortifying security measures.


The rise of smart automation tools presents an extraordinary resolution for monitoring the well-being of your elderly family members while simultaneously valuing and safeguarding their privacy. By embracing these technological advancements, you adeptly strike a harmonious equilibrium between providing care for your cherished seniors and preserving their intrinsic independence and dignity. The transformative strides made in the realm of smart automation tools have truly revolutionized the manner in which we support and protect our senior family members, enabling us to be an unwavering pillar of support while upholding their sacrosanct right to privacy.

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