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11 best weather apps for iPhone and Android smartphones 2021

Apps for storm tracking, finding the eye of the hurricane and those that deliver the weather with a little 1980s fun too

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Wake up in the morning, and you're almost as likely to check the weather as grab a cup of coffee. Even for those who spend most of their days working from home, knowing if the morning is going to dawn with blue skies or a downpour is something most of is would like to know. But today, there are apps that can tell you far more than the temperature of chance for some precipitation.

These 11 weather apps can be downloaded to your iPhone or Android smartphone, and deliver pollen counts, show satellite readings and even pull radar maps — all helpful, and for some likely fun, in planning your day or even the week ahead.

Carrot Weather

\u200bCarrot Weather

Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather is the app designed for those who like a little gaming mixed into their data. Designed for iOS devices, the app costs $4.99 and works on iPhones, iPads, iMessage and the Apple Watch. You can also download it for Android devices as well, which has in-app purchases between $.99 and $3.99.

The twist to Carrot Weather are the fun elements: characters, snarky dialogue and scenery all happening in the background of the app as it delivers forecasts, details on temperature and even lightning strikes. For 2021, there's a new subscription tier on the iOS version, which starts at $14.99, and lets you share the app with up to five additional family members.

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