Drone weed deliveries were just banned in California

Drone weed deliveries were just banned in California

Hoping for some air bud? Think again.

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Air bud California's top pot cops want legal pot transported just one way: by a car driven by a person. So says the new guidelines pushed out in the past few days which specifically bans pot delivery in any way aside from a car operated by a human driver. Aircraft, train cars, boats, self-driving cars, cars powered by people and yes, drone deliveries, are off-limits.

California's Bureau of Cannabis Control wants to keep the cannabis — even though its legal — out of the public's eye. That means the pot deliveries have to be in a closed vehicle. Ars Technica notes that a number of companies are looking to deliver pot via drones – and that their plans are likely toast.

California has legalized pot dispensaries — and retail licenses for pot business will begin getting issued starting January 1. Anyone looking to open a cannabis commissary? Make sure drones aren't part of distribution network.

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