The Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker

7 Cool Tech Gifts for Your Best Friends

Who else are you going to buy these gadgets for?

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When it comes to our best friends, our holiday gift budget tends to go right out the window — particularly when we're eyeing cool headphones or a hat that doesn't just keep them warm but hooked up to their favorite music. Here are our 7 cool tech gifts for your favorite pal this holiday season.

The Anova Sous Vide in a stainless pot next to a smartphoneTurn a water bath into a culinary cauldron Anova

Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker - 7 Cool Tech Gifts for Your Best Friends

Have a best friend who loves to cook? Who tears out recipes every weekend, has an Instagram page studded with their latest dish and would rather share their toothbrush than their knives? The Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker may be the gift for them this year. The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi device connects to a smartphone turning a water bath into a culinary cauldron. Starting at $129 — but for those who sign up for the mailing list, there's another $20 they can cut from the price. (Available on Amazon.)

Man wearing the 1 Voice Beanie in dark grayThe 1 Voice Beanie has built-in headphones that link to Bluetooth1 Voice

1 Voice Beanie - 7 Cool Tech Gifts for Your Best Friends

Look. A warm hat for the winter months is never a wrong way to go. But how about a beanie that's got built in headphones and links via Bluetooth to stream music from a smartphone. The 1 Voice Beanie is $69 and comes in black and grey with a pom-pom. (Available on Amazon.)

The BeatsX Headphones in whiteThe BeatsX earphones come in six different colors Beats

BeatsX Headphones - 7 Cool Tech Gifts for Your Best Friends

Trim and neat, BeatsX Earphones are wireless letting you take calls or jam without a cord tethering you to your smartphone. The device holds eight hours per charge — certainly enough to get through a work day. Plus a five-minute quick Fast Fuel charge gives two hours of playback. There are six colors to choose from — each will set you back $149.95. But Beats is offering a cool $50 off just for the holidays putting this gift at just under $100. (Available on Amazon.)

Anki Cozmo Collector's EditionThe Anki Cozmo can call you by your real name, when it doesn't have hiccups Anki

Anki Cozmo Collector's Edition - 7 Cool Tech Gifts for Your Best Friends

Who doesn't love a robot? (No, really?) Anki updated its beloved Cozmo with a Collector's Edition, a robot that can look you in the eye, call your name, and even get the hiccups. We think this is one of the best robots we've seen this year — even if it will set you back a cool $225. (But aren't best friends worth it?) You can buy the Cozmo Collector's Edition on Amazon, Best Buy, the Apple Store and Toys R Us. And if you have a pal who loves toys as much as we do, it may be worth a quick check of our Holiday Tech Gift Guide for Kids. Just a thought.

The Arccos 360 package next to a smartphoneThe Arccos 360 is a GPS-enabled system with live tracking Arccos

Arccos Golf - 7 Cool Tech Gifts for Your Best Friends

If your best friend is a golfer, the Arccos 360 is a gift we almost guarantee they'll love. This GPS-enabled system is packed with data — everything your pal needs to shave some shots of your game. There's live tracking, and the system can even help you decide which club to pick. Sure the Arccos system will cost you $250 — but maybe your friend will pick up drinks next time your hit the greens. (Available on Amazon.)

The HiMirror with a small camera on the topThe HiMirror screens your face and analyzes your skin's condition HiMirror

HiMirror Smart Mirror - 7 Cool Tech Gifts for Your Best Friends

We know — who needs another mirror. But if you're going to have a mirror in your place (and be honest, they're useful) then this might be the one — the $199 HiMirror Smart Mirror screens your face and spouts back its analysis on your skin's condition and even some make-up advice. (And for the holidays, you can get 30 percent off, bringing the price down to $139.) There are skin care tips — even a chart to show you how your complexion fares. We liked this mirror so much we tagged the one of our Best Of IFA devices this year. Maybe your best pal will share. (Available on Amazon.)

The Spectacles by Snap in black seated in a yellow caseThe Spectacles by Snap in black with small cameras on both lenses Snap

Spectacles by Snap - 7 Cool Tech Gifts for Your Best Friends

Save it — we know that Spectacles by Snap aren't the hottest game in town. We know that most of the thrill came from having to find those pop-up machines to then brag you got your hands on these recording glasses. That doesn't mean they're not still ranking high on the fun list. And isn't that what the holidays are all about anyway? Three colors. $129.99. (Available on Amazon.)

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