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Best Holiday Tech Gifts Under $50

These 14 gift ideas are fun, useful — every one can be picked up for under $50 each

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One part of the holiday season that can be both enjoyable and sometimes a bit stressful is gift giving. It's wonderful to find gifts that a loved one, co-worker and even a friend will appreciate, but making sure you stick to a budget can be wonderful too. So, we put together a list of products which come in at under $50 — some far more affordable than that — and we're sure one will make the perfect gift for someone on your holiday list this holiday shopping season.

Tile Trackers under $50 This Holiday Season

tile strawberry Jammin mate and proTile Tile

Tile is offering special deals on their smart trackers for the holiday season here. Buyers can get up to 40% off this powerful trackers which can go in your wallet, purse or in luggage. They make perfect holiday gifts or stocking stuffers . Shop here for deals on the following products. Also here are Tile trackers available for less than $50:

SoundPEATS Air3 Pro Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds

a photo of soundpeats air3 pro earbuds box and caseSoundpeats Air3 Pro Hybrid ANC wireless in ear headphones GearBrain

The Soundpeats Air3 Pro Hybrid ANC wireless in-ear headphones are in-ear headphones that feature 3 listening modes including Noise-canceling, 12mm driver, 24-hour playtime, a rechargeable case and in-ear detection. They are lightweight and work on a 5.2 Bluetooth wireless connection. They also come with aptX-Adaptive which is a Bluetooth audio codec that can combine premium audio quality with low-bit rate transmission to provide a more consistent sound experience from your smartphone. When you combine this codec with CVC 8.0 Noise Redection Tech which are in all Soundpeats earbuds, these in-ear headphones can block out background noise even when you are on your smartphone.

The Soundpeats Air3 Pro Hybrid ANC wireless in-ear headphones list for $69.99 but are on sale on Amazon for only $47.99, a 31% discount.

(Read full review here: Soundpeats Air3 Pro Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless In-Ear Headphones Review)

Cyber Acoustics Essential Webcam (WC-3000)

a photo of Cyber Acoustics WC-3000 Webcam unboxedCyber Acoustics Essential Webcam (WC-3000)GearBrain

For those grandparents who are tech savvy and know their way around a computer, they need a good webcam for those Zoom calls with family members. We recently tested a webcam from Cyber Acoustics, their CA Essential Webcam (WC-3000) and really liked how it performed. It has a 1080p 5MP super HD camera which provides 2592x1944 high resolution HD video. It comes with an integrated privacy shutter, dual omni-directional surround mics, wide diagonal field of view, universal mount, plug and play USB and is Zoom certified. The list price for the CA Essential Super HD Webcam is $59.99 but it is available on Amazon for only $39.99.

Blink Video Doorbell

a photo of Blink Video Doorbell installed on a houseBlink Video Doorbell GearBrain

How about an easy to install and use smart video doorbell for less than $50 this year? Normally, buyers wouldn't think of giving a smart video doorbell because of the cost. But thanks to Blink, buyers can now get the Blink Video Doorbell with two-way audio, HD video, motion and chime app alerts and is Alexa enabled for only $34.99 on Amazon. It comes in either Black or White and can be installed as a wired or wire-free doorbell. And if you need an indoor security camera to go with the video doorbell, Blink also has the Blink Mini – Compact indoor plug-in smart security camera and Blink Mini Pan-Tilt Camera | Rotating indoor plug-in smart security camera for less than $50 on Amazon. All make a great holiday gift for that person who wants to start building a smart and secure home. Visit Blink Store on Amazon.

Read our full review of Blink Video Doorbell here.

Meta Portal TV

a photo of Meta Portal TVMeta Portal TV Meta

How about getting someone a device that can do Zoom calls or group video calls via your smart TV? There is such a device that will work for you and costs less than $50. Meta Portal TV is a smart video calling system and one of the easiest ways to communication with friends and family through the TV. Meta’s Portal TV is easy to setup, and you can do group calls with members of your family who are on their smartphones or laptops using Messenger, Zoom or even WhatsApp. You can even schedule times with your grandparents to watch a movie together via Portal app.

Meta Portal TV costs only $49.99 and is available on Best Buy.

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Apple Air Tags

Apple AirTagThe Apple AirTag is priced at $29 GearBrain

If looking for a good holiday gift for under $50 for your Apple friends, you have to consider Apple AirTags. These Bluetooth trackers are designed to help you find things using the Find My app that is pre-installed on your iPhone and the internet connections of passing devices, like iPhones and iPads. Priced at only $29, you can even consider getting key rings and bags via a range of accessories sold by Apple and third parties like Belkin to go with the AirTag gift. These accessories, like Belkin's Secure Holder with Key Ring for AirTag (costs only $20), are not expensive and will keep you within your $50 budget.

To learn more about these smart but inexpensive Apple trackers, read GearBrain's Apple AirTags review here.

Apple AirTag

myQ Smart Garage Controller

myQ smart garage door controller is less than $25 on Amazon.Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Door Controller Chamberlain

If the person you are looking to buy a holiday gift this season has a garage door with an opener that. isnot smart or connected to the Internet, you have to consider getting them the Chamberlain myQ Smart Garage Controller. This smart home device lets you connect your existing garage door opener to the myQ app so you can control, secure and monitor your home’s garage door.from your smartphone. Plus you can keep all your holiday deliveries safe and entertaining easy when you link to Amazon Key in the myQ app for convenient In-Garage Delivery of Amazon packages and groceries. But the best part of this smart home device is the price. It's only $24.96 on Amazon and we expect to see this price go lower as it has in year's past around Black Friday and Cyber Monday events.

Phyn Smart Water Sensor

Phyn Smart Water Sensor and box on a countertop.Phyn Smart Water Sensor is available at The Home Depot, Best Buy and Phyn.com GearBrain

One device that can help save you money from water damage in your home is a water leak detector. These little smart devices are easy to set up and work on a Wi-Fi connection. We recently tested the Phyn Smart Water Leak Sensor and like how this device can monitor water leaks, temperature changes and humidity levels in your smart home. And some insurance companies offer added discounts on your homeowner's policy if you install these leak detectors. But the best feature of this product is the price. It costs only $35.99 and available on the company website, Best Buy and The Home Depot.

If looking for a good gift idea for your family member or friend with a home, you can't go wrong with Phyn Smart Water Sensor. There are no fees and it can sure help prevent costly repairs due to water damage.

Read GearBrain's Review of Phyn Smart Water Sensor here.

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Chipolo One Spot

Chipolo One Spot and Apple Find MyThe One Spot uses Apple's Find My network Chipolo

Chipolo One is a small Bluetooth-based possessions tracker. This small plastic disc is very light, slim enough to fit into your pocket and is IPX5 water resistance. It can help you find our lost keys, bags or anything that you attach it to. What makes this tracker unique is its ability to tap into Apple's own Find My system. It works very much like Apple AirTags but at the fraction of the cost, only $28. It's a perfect gift for a person who constantly loses their keys and things.

Lenovo Smart Clock 2 with Google Assistant Built-in and Wireless Charging Station

a photo of Lenovo Smart Clock 2 with wireless charging station on an end table in a bedroomLenovo Smart Clock 2 with Charging Station GearBrain

Last year we recommended the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential as a good gift for under $50. This year, we are going to recommend the second generation of Lenovo smart alarm clocks but this one comes with a lot more features and functionality. Lenovo Smart Clock 2 is the company’s second-generation smart alarm clock that comes with or without a wireless charging pad. The pad can be used to charge your smart alarm clock as well as a smartphone and/or a wearable. It has a 4-inch LCD touch screen to showcase the time, weather and photos. You can even customize the face displays and adjust the brightness so it can function like a nightlight. It is wrapped in a fabric that comes in Abyss Blue or Heather Grey. The clock works on an Android 10 operating system and comes with a MediaTek MT8167S Processor (1.50GHz) and 1GB RM + 8GB Flash.

But what makes this smart alarm clock unique is it has Google Assistant voice platform built-in. You can ask it to do simple voice commands like turn off your smart lights or set the alarm.

The list price for this smart alarm clock is $89.99 but is on sale for only $49.99 on Lenovo’s website and only $44.99 on Best Buy. And if you don’t want to get the wireless charging pad, the Lenovo Smart Clock (2nd Gen) is only $34.99.

(See our full review for more information on the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 with Wireless Charging Pad.)

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Skullcandy Transparency Series Jib True 2 wireless earbuds

a photo of Skullcandy Transparency Series Jib True 2 Wireless Earbuds on a countertopSkullcandy Transparency Series Jib True 2 Wireless Earbuds GearBrain

Skullcandy Transparency Series Jib True 2 Wireless Earbuds are a pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds with a net-zero carbon footprint. They contain a carbon emissions equivalent of 5.70 kg and come with 33 hours of total battery life on a single charge. These wireless earbuds also have the Tile tracker technology built-in, are IPX4 rated water resistant, lightweight and have touch control for volume, making calls and changing tracks. They make a great gift for the eco-conscious music lover who wants a good quality pair of wireless earbuds which you don't want to spend more than $50 this holiday shopping season.

For more info on these Limited Edition earbuds, see our review: Skullcandy Transparency Series Jib True 2 wireless earbuds Review

Buy on Amazon - $49.99

Amazon Echo Dot (5th Gen)

a photo of the all new Amazon Echo Dot 5th GenAll-New Amazon Echo Dot (5th Gen - 2022 Release)Amazon

Amazon updated their entire line of Alexa-enabled Echo smart speakers this year with better speakers and temperature sensors, including the Amazon Echo Dot (5th Gen). The rounded, globe shape is great for sound, and you can stream music from a slew of popular services including Spotify, SiriusXM, Amazon Music and even Apple Music. Plus, of course, you can call up Alexa for assistance when needed from this smart speaker, and still tap into all the regular features you can expect including the ability to mute the microphone when you just want some privacy. What makes this smart speaker different from earlier generations is it has eero Built-in. This allows the Echo Do to act as a Wi-Fi extender in your smart home. Users can add up to 1,000 square feet of Wi-fi coverage and get support for speeds up to 100 Mbps to a compatible eero network.

The cost of the new Echo Dot (5th Gen) is only $49.99 and we expect to see some Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on these new smart speaker assistants too.

Google Chromecast

Google ChromecastGoogle pushed out a new Chromecast this year with a remote for the first timeGoogle

The new Chromecast immediately connects to most streaming services, from YouTube (owned by Google), Netflix and HBO Max, to Disney+ and more. It plugs into your TV's HDMI port, and sports HDMI pass-through of Dolby audio content. It's the first entry device to show off Google TV, a new system that is designed to help organize the way you search and find content to watch.

New to Chromecast is also a remote control, with a dedicated button for Google Assistant meaning you can pull up shows and search via voice. And of course since you have access to the voice assistant you can use it to access other information, including devices you have installed in your home. The remote also has a dedicated button for YouTube and Netflix as well. The new Chromecast comes in three colors including snow, sky and sunrise, a deep pink, all for $49.99.

Buy at Best Buy - $49.99

Cync Direct Connect Smart Decorative LED Bulbs

a photo of a Cync Direct Connect Smart bulb installed outside Cync Direct Connect Decorative Smart LED Bulb (G25)GearBrain

If you want to get your friends or family started on building a smart home, smart lights provide the perfect first smart devices. And one company who makes good smart lighting at an attractive price is GE Lighting. Their Cync brand offers a full line of smart lighting products including light strips, LED bulbs and decorative bulbs. We would recommend Cync smart bulbs with Direct Connect. This is Cync's smart home technology which allows you to connect the bulb directly to your Wi-Fi to unlock voice and out-of-home control right out of the box. You don't need a hub or bridge. So, if you have an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant smart speaker or display, you can easily link these Cync Direct Connect light strips or bulbs.

GearBrain is testing GE CYNC Smart LED Light Bulbs (G25 Globe) which you can easily change colors and works on both a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection. (Note: you can also get these bulbs in Edison style). A two pack costs only $38.88 on Amazon.

RENPHO Premium Wi-Fi Bluetooth Scale Smart

a photo of Renpho Smart Digital ScaleRenpho Premium Smart Digital Scale works on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection.Amazon

Renpho PremiumDigital Smart Scale is a stylish scale that competes with Wyze Scale. It has a digital display for showing the basics, then connects to a smartphone over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This smart scale can recognize up to 8 users in Wi-Fi mode. It can also show your Body fat% & BMI data on the scale which can also be uploaded to their free mobile App so you can record them. But what makes this smart body scale unique is its coating technology. Renpho's smart body scales use the latest ITO coated technology, which can detect body compositions and track changes in the body more sensitive and accurate. They cover the entire scale with their ITO coating which provides a larger sensor area for detection, especially if you have different foot sizes using the scale.

The Renpho Premium Smart Digital Scale is one of the best selling smart body scales on Amazon and costs only $44.99.

Check out The GearBrain, our smart home compatibility finder. it makes it easy for you to find, buy and connect any smart device. It can also help you find other compatible products that work with your smart devices and cost less than $50.

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