This device promises to kill the stink in your sneakers

This device promises to kill the stink in your sneakers

A new IoT device says it can remove the smell that make your shoes unbearable.

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SoleMate A prototype for a new device says it can kill 99.7 percent of the bacteria responsible for that terrible smell that can permeate your shoes. Called SoleMate, the gadget promises " eliminate every germ that causes shoe and foot odor," according to the Indiegogo campaign. The cylinder-shaped tube breaks into parts that are controlled by a Bluetooth app, which takes about an hour to well, kill the smell. You can get your hands presumably on one of these odor-fighting items at an early bird price of $59. Delivery? Well, it's an Indiegogo and so you just never know.

Self-driving car wars Uber is reportedly the worst of the self-driving car tests, according to a new set of reports out of California's Department of Motor Vehicles. The best? Alphabet. The data is around how often the autonomous driving features disengage, or require a human to step in to run the car. For Alphabet, this happened only one time every 5,128 miles. For Uber? Every mile.

Apple redo Apple's rethinking its Mac Pro line, the desktop models that the company believes has dropped off the map because users just aren't into the device. An entire new line of Mac Pro, iMac and even the Pro Display in in the works, says Apple. The desktop business is a tiny fraction of Apple's overall sales. Still, the Cupertino-based company is putting some muscle behind a revamp, which is expected later this year. (Via Mashable)

Tech craft Panasonic is tapping into the craft movement—those who want a handmade look and feel to their products. A new exhibit of prototypes in Milan showcases this "Electronics Meets Craft" idea, as Panasonic refers to it, which infuses smart lights, speakers and other gadgets with the aura of a Japanese tea house.

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