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Imagine if there was a way to search, buy and learn how to connect and optimize smart devices seamlessly in one place No more endless searching online for a product manual or trying to figure out if a product will work with your existing smart devices. No more spending days trying to buy a compatible product on Amazon. And no more endless waiting on customer service to get back to you. Wouldn't this be great? Well, this exists today and it’s found at The GearBrain, our pioneering recommendation platform where users can research, discover, buy, and learn how to connect and optimize smart devices on one platform.

What makes our platform unique is it’s a compatibility find engine, which means it uses criteria-based searching. You put in the information for the product you are looking for, and the find engine will show you all the products that meet the criteria. For instance, say you want to buy a silver smart lock with a touch screen. You enter these attributes into the find engine, and it will show you all the products that meet the criteria. We've added an extra feature to our find engine which allows users to find products that are compatible with the devices they already own. Just tell us the devices you own, and we will find all the devices that are compatible in seconds.

The GearBrain, First Compatibility Find Engine for Smart Deviceswww.youtube.com

So why did we build this platform? We saw years ago with the emergence of smart devices, no one was educating buyers on how these smart devices worked or helping find compatible products. We saw products being returned to retailers due to compatibility issues. Today, there is still an interoperability problem among smart devices which makes it even more difficult to find compatible products. And with an estimated billions of connected devices coming to market thanks to 5G, it’s only going to get worse. So we decided to build The GearBrain to help you with the connected device purchase process and resolve the operational issues found with the myriad of smart devices and systems you want in your smart home.

The platform does more than just find devices. It can also help you connect and optimize these smart devices and systems. Whether you’re connecting two devices or building out a smart home, GearBrain shows you how to set up, connect, and use all the devices. You can search by brand, OS, and more -- plus get product reviews and how-tos from GearBrain editors and find user manuals and setup guides. But there is a new feature we want to build out and we can use your help.

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We allow users to post questions and get answers from our editors as well as tech experts that are part of our GearBrain community. We are looking for more tech experts to join the GearBrain community. As a GearBrain tech expert, you will be able to share your expertise working with connected devices and other smart devices with platform users. We also encourage you to share with the community unique and effective integrations you have installed in your smart home. By joining the GearBrain community of tech experts, we are offering a free Lifetime membership to the first 100 tech experts who sign up and help us answer questions from our users.

Lifetime Membership Benefits to First 100 tech experts

What are the membership benefits? Lifetime membership includes special discounts on smart devices today and future subscriber services which will include special services like notifications on firmware updates for your smart devices listed in your MyGear or an app you can use to scan products at retail to determine if they are compatible with the connected devices in your home. Any new paid subscriber service we plan to offer in the future will be free for the first 100 tech experts who sign in to The GearBrain and [do something].

Please go to https://the.gearbrain and sign up. If you are already a member, just send an email to support@gearbrain.com and we will add you to the list. Once you are registered, you can start to share your expertise and integrations with the GearBrain community.

Thanks for your help and we look forward to you joining us to help others live a smart and connected lifestyle.

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How to Ask Questions on The GearBrain, the Compatibility Find Engine for Smart Devices.www.youtube.com

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A pioneering recommendation platform where you can research, discover, buy, and learn how to connect and optimize smart devices.

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