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Home office inspiration: How you can replicate our favorite work-at-home setups

It's often easier than you think to create a stunning home office setup

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If you're looking for some inspiration and practical ways to smarten up your working-at-home setup, then you've come to the right place.

Sometimes all it takes is a bit of Marie Kondo-style minimalism to transform your cluttered desk into a workspace to be proud of. Or, simply adding a couple of plants, a new shelf, some better lighting, or wall-mounting your computer screen can make all the difference.

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To help inspire you, we've rounded up some of our favorite home office setups, as seen on Instagram, and included some advice on how to replicate these workspaces in your own home, no matter the budget or available space.

First up, a lesson in what can be achieved with a compact desk:

This setup reminded us of our own, which we recently highlighted as an example of how a proper home office can be created in a tiny space. Here, the owner has gone even further by wall-mounting their computer monitor. This puts it at the perfect height (an ergonomic win right away), and frees up a ton of desk space previously taken up by the stand.

Despite the desk being only 39 x 23 inches, a full-size keyboard, large mouse mat, desk plant and a pair of speakers easily fit, with lots of precious space left over. For that extra design flourish a lamp is placed behind the screen to create some ambient backlighting – no expensive smart lighting required.

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Next, a stunning home office setup that crams an awful lot onto a relatively shallow desk:

Again, the key here is mounting the display so that it floats above the desk and takes up no real estate. The owner has also added a neat storage unit below the screen, creating extra space, and a couple of simple floating shelves above give space for plants, magazines and more.

We're big fans of the mood lighting here, thanks to the LED strip lighting, Edison bulb, and that lightning bolt hung up to the far left. Also eye-catching is how the owner has layered their work surface; notice how the lamp sits lower, then the central work surface has a desk mat over it. We're big fans, and – huge curved screen aside – this is an easy look to achieve on relatively modest budget.

Get the look:

Our next home office inspiration uses a simple desk mat and wide monitor stand to make a large, plain desk seem so much more interesting:

Large desks like this can look uninteresting if all they have on them is a computer display, keyboard and mouse. But here a stand, mat and pair of shelves help turn the space into something much more interesting.

The stand helps to put the unadjustable iMac to a more ergonomic height, while increasing the work space area and creating storage space underneath for an iPad and other essentials. We also like the simple headphone stand and lamp, while the shelves above closely match the wood grain of everything else, giving a sense of cohesion to the design. A simple look, but one which has clearly been thought about and built carefully.

Get the look:

Here's a look at how a desk mat – in this case a new example from Orbitkey – can make a space more interesting, double as a mouse pad, and protect your desk:

Perhaps more of a temporary setup than a dedicated home office, but this shows how a desk mat can add visual appeal while also being practical. Desk mats are available from a wide range of companies, but there are a couple of interesting details with this one from Orbitkey, a company better known for making key organizers.

There is a groove along the far edge for holding pens, styluses and other small items, while on the left site a magnetic cable holder, stopping the wire from falling down the back of your workspace. The mat also opens up, giving you a place to tidy away documents while you work on something else.

Get the look:

This next home setup might not be to everyone's tastes, but it's a good example of what can be achieved with feature lighting:

In this case, that lighting is a Nanoleaf Panel, which can be made into many different shapes and adjusted to any color. There is also some LED strip lighting on the shelves to extend the pink accents up the entire wall.

We have also spotted a wooden monitor stand. This may have come from Grovemade, but that design has been replicated by many other companies in recent years. Search Amazon and you will find a lot of similar options at a whole range of prices.

Get the look:

Pegboards are becoming an increasingly common way to organize home office equipment, while giving the space an industrial vibe:

Often used by photographers for storing equipment, here we see the pegboard is being used to neatly hang cables, headphones, notepads, and even some shelves for displaying succulent plants.

We think this is a really creative use for what is otherwise a purely functional piece of equipment, and it sure beats our drawer full of tangled cables, wires and power cords.

Other details to note include a desk clamp mount for the display, neatly freeing up work space, a desk mat, and a MacBook Pro sat in a vertical stand to take up very little space while likely aiding cooling.

Get the look:

But why stop at cable and headphones? Here's a pegboard with a PlayStation 4 hung on it:

We can already hear you asking why, but why not? Instead of cluttering up the desk or floor, the console is hung up on the wall, both out of the way and easily accessible at the same time. Same goes for the controller, while the plant shelf fits perfectly in the remaining space.

As for the rest of this setup, we yet again see a monitor mounting to a desk clamp instead of using its own stand, and there's a smart desk mat to act as both a wrist pad and mouse mat.

Get the look:

Next up we have a desk that works equally well when sitting or standing:

This adjustable system lets you quickly turn your regular desk into a standing desk, complete with a separate keyboard and mouse tray, and the option to sit down again whenever you like.

We've also spotted another peg board, this time used to hang shelves and a folder for magazines.

Get the look:

We're not sure if the blue lighting is really to our taste, but this setup caught our eye because of the YouTube subscriber counter:

That counter is actually a LaMetric clock, which can be programmed to display all sorts of alternative information, not just the time, date and weather forecast. Yes, it is certainly a humble brag to show off your YouTube subscriber count front-and-center, but the $200 LaMetric is a fun device with a whole host of more practical uses.

This setup also has an LED light strip (obviously), and of course dominated by an ultra-wide curved display. Not that useful for video or photo editing, but you can't deny that it looks pretty cool.

Get the look:

Finally, a home office setup that squeezes an awful lot into an attic room with a compromised ceiling:

We really like how every inch of space has been occupied to create this setup. The monitor and speakers are all mounted to the back of the desk with clamps, with the left-hand speaker tucked right up against the sloping roofline. There's also a large desk mat for protecting the wooden surface beneath, a large, ultra-wide display, shelves for plants, a modified PC with feature lighting – and of course, a peg board.

It is undeniably a large desk, but we like how the setup and layout isn't compromised by the sling ceiling.

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