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Igloohome Deadbolt 2S smart lock review

A new Bluetooth smart lock aimed at vacation home and property owners at a solid price

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We want smart locks to work well, but we also want them to be well-designed — they're a part of our home after all. While smart lock connectivity and compatibility are important, a good-looking smart lock, that has a robust app, is also crucial. One of the latest from igloohome is the Deadbolt 2S smart lock, a device that connects to your smart phone through a Bluetooth wireless connection, and can be opened with a key or a PIN code. The company recently sent us the Deadbolt 2S smart lock to test, and we put it in a real home to see how it would perform under regular use.

What is the igloohome smart deadbolt 2S smart lock?

The igloohome smart Deadbolt 2S is a smart lock that works over a Bluetooth wireless connection. This smart lock is designed for home and property owners, property developers and infrastructure companies, as well as short term vacation rentals, co-living and co-sharing spaces. You can fit this smart lock to standard doors that are 35 mm to 60 mm thick, and have a clearance of 110 mm. There's an LED touchscreen to lock and unlock the door.

You can lock and unlock the Deadbolt 2S three different ways: Using a Bluetooth connection with the igloohome app on a iOS or Android smartphone, with a pin code or with a physical key. GearBrain is a big fan of smart locks that come with a variety of ways to lock and unlock your door. Smart lock technology is still evolving, things can could go wrong with your lock while you're away from your house. Having a backup plan is important for smart lock owners, which igloohome addresses with this smart lock. (Note: the igloohome app works best with iOS 10.2 and Android 6 operating systems, and does not actively support iOS 8 or earlier versions as well as Android 4 or earlier versions.)

Unboxing igloohome smart lock 

photo of igloohome smart lock face


photo of igloohome smart lock face

Door Compatibility

How do I know if your door is compatible with the igloohome smart digital lock? First, check the thickness of the door —it needs to be between 35 and 60 millimeters thick. Then the clearance to any other door in front of it, like a screen door or gate — you need at least a 35 mm distance between the doors. Next, check the clearance from the edge of the door on both sides, which is the distance from the edge to the lock. For igloohome's Deadbolt 2S smart lock, the outside door must be at least 110 mm distance from the edge of the door on both sides. Make sure to measure these distances before purchasing a smart lock. There is nothing worse than buying a smart device, bringing it home, and finding it's not compatible with your door.

Installation Challenges

When unboxing your igloohome smart digital lock, you'll find a front assembly, a rubber gasket, a back assembly, back plate, battery case lid, four AA batteries, the bolt assembly, strike plate housing and strike plate, two 5mm bolt screws, five keys, a drill sheet, four 15mm wood screws, a 20mm bolt screw, three 43mm bolt screws, a screw holder, door sensor, magnet and the user guide. Instructions for installing the igloohome smart digital lock can be found on the user guide, and also on igloohome's website and mobile app.

Photo of the insides of Igloohome smart lockMake sure you select correct door opening (L or R) prior to connecting wires. Door sensor connection is hard to do too.GearBrain

Before installing the Deadbolt 2S, we recommend downloading igloohome mobile app to your smart phone. You will need to open an account, which you can speed up through Touch ID if you have an iPhone. We used the igloohome mobile app for installation, with a detailed PDF inside the app's FAQ's.

You may need some tools. As we were replacing an existing deadbolt lock on your door, we just needed a Phillips screwdriver and a power drill with a 10mm (25/64") drill bit. If you're installing a smart deadbolt lock to your door for the first time, you'll likely need a 25 mm speed bit and power drill, a 10 mm drill bit, a 54-millimeter hole saw, a hammer and a chisel.

If you're familiar with installing smart locks on a door or even just installing a normal deadbolt lock, installing the igloohome smart digital lock will be rather easy. You're basically going to secure the top part of the smart lock to the door and install the door sensor. Since the igloohome Deadbolt 2S is taller than most smart locks, you'll secure the top and bottom of the lock to your door by drilling an extra hole through the door. Once the hole has been drilled, you'll insert the screw holder into the hole using the supplied screws to secure the front and back plates of the lock to your door. You should use the drill sheet to help you measure the correct placement for the hole.

photo of the backside of igloohome smart lockback of front assembly with cable.GearBrain

The second extra step is installing the door sensor. Igloohome's Deadbolt 2S comes with a door sensor which connects the lock to your phone over a Bluetooth wireless connection. This installation can be a little tricky, and was a bit difficult for us, because the wire connector is rather small, and you will need to connect it to the back assembly. The rest of installation was actually rather easy compared to other smart locks we've tested.

If you are an Airbnb host, you're going to like this smart digital lock, as igloohome has a set up process that lets you manage your homes and locks individually or together through its mobile app. In the account settings, you connect the lock to your Airbnb account with just one click. There, you can also select the language for the app including English, Mandarin, Korean, Spanish and French among others. You can manage your notification settings, preferences on feedback, including vibrating responses, and how to run your Bluetooth keys, which are assigned through the app. In the app, visitors scan a QR code for any Bluetooth key they're sent which activates the key and lets them open the smart lock.

igloohome smart lock appigloohome can connect withAirbnbGearBrain

Smart home integration

Currently, igloohome smart digital locks are not compatible with home security systems such as Vivint, ADT or smart home systems like Samsung SmartThings or Iris by Lowe's. The company is working on these integrations, but for now its focus is on offering smart digital locks that work offline for what they see as increased reliability, stability and security, igloohome told GearBrain. They also said they're working on NB-IoT locks, which is not exactly Wi-Fi, but will let users get real time updates. Igloohome smart digital lock so work with Alexa and Google assistant enabled devices, but only to create pin codes and hear access logs as per the last Bluetooth sync from your igloohome smart digital lock. You won't be able to use these digital assistants to lock or unlock your door at this time.

We would like to see igloohome integrate its smart locks into home security systems, home automation system and homes using Z-Wave, Zigbee, and Wi-Fi wireless connections.

photo of the backside of igloohome smart lockigloohome home smart lock with door sensor.GearBrain


The igloohome Deadbolt 2S smart lock retails for $249 on the company's website, and on Amazon for only $199. We also saw the lock on Home Depot and Walmart sites. The company also sells other smart locks including its Mortise smart lock and a key box. Igloohome's Mortise smart lock works just like the Deadbolt 2S, but comes with key tags and stickers, which are easy to carry around and let visitors tap them against a card reader on the smart lock to unlock the door. This type of lock would be ideal property owners, as well as properties with co-sharing or co-living situations.


We found the igloohome Deadbolt 2S smart lock very well-made. If you don't need planning a smart lock integrated into your home security system or home automation system, like Insteon or Control4, we think this is a lock worth considering. This smart lock provides multiple modes of entry, important today, particularly If you're looking for a smart lock for a second home or vacation/rental property. Keep in mind, though, that it lacks smart home integrations with current leading brands .

Igloohome does makes a smart deadbolt box, a nice compliment to its line, especially for those looking to give visitors access to a property. Igloohome has done a nice job, we believe, of connecting the smart lock to the Airbnb platform as well.

screenshot of igloohome app select a device to add sectionigloohome product lineGearBrain

However, if you need a smart lock that integrates with a home security system, or one that connects to other smart home devices like a video doorbell or smart lights, this smart lock may not meet your existing needs. It does not work off Wi-Fi, Z-Wave or Zigbee wireless connections, nor does it offer geofencing or remote access from a smartphone. Some may not feel it's crucial to have total remote access from a smartphone — when you can lock or unlock a door from anywhere through a wireless internet connection — but if you do, this lock does not offer this feature.

Our recommendation is to consider this smart digital deadbolt lock if you plan to install it on a rental property, Airbnb property, a second home or an existing property without a Wi-Fi connection. The igloohome Deadbolt 2S smart lock is also good for people who don't want a smart lock that connects over Wi-Fi, as well, as we find it well priced, and usable anywhere in the world.


  • Price
  • Design, with three modes of entry
  • Good for rental properties and Airbnb owners
  • Works with smart key box


  • No remote access
  • Lack of smart home/home security integrations
  • Complicated Setup/installation
  • Limited Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa capabilities.

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