Ikea has smart lights and now everyone will want one

Ikea has smart lights and now everyone will want one

Ikea's move into the smart home gadgets could be a game changer.

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Ikea smart lighting Ikea has launched itself into the Internet of Things space with smart lights. The LED lights are controllable through Ikea's TRÅDFRI app, via a smartphone, and the line will include bulbs, a motion sensor, a remote control along with other gadgets to create scenes and moods as you would with other major smart lights brands. Colors aren't an option yet—these bulbs are just white. The line with launch in the UK this month, with an introductory kit for £69 and there is no word on a US launch any time soon. But with Ikea's reach—and its low price point—smart lights could quickly become as ubiquitous as those Ikea shelving units every one has, and no one can pronounce.

Blackberry branding Blackberry is hardly ready to throw in the towel. While the brand is best known for its mobile devices that have, for the most part, fallen off the radar, the company is looking to push its name out on to wearable devices. Blackberry is hoping to provide not only the guts of future Internet of Things devices, but also the name. Future gadgets for the Canadian company could include wearables, medical devices and even, yes, smartphones, could carry the Blackberry name. (Via CNBC)

IPhone electrocution A man, charging his iPhone, got a jolt that proved very dangerous when dog tags he had around his neck got caught in the prongs of the charger near his bed and send a zap that sent him to the hospital. The man spent three days in the hospital with second and third degree burns, after being hit with what doctors told him was 110 volts of electricity. (Via The Washington Post)

Make friends in VR Who says virtual reality has to be an isolating experience? Just because you're encased in a set of goggles that shield your eyes doesn't mean you can't converse and make friends. In fact an entire virtual community exists within VR apps, if you know how to find them. And we do. Check out our guide to VR platforms designed to let you reach out and virtually meet someone.

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