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Level and Rejuvenation Partnering on Bringing More Smart Lock Design Options to Smart Homes

By leveraging the Level Bolt technology, the two companies offer a robust collection of premium door sets with smart technology to secure your home 24/7.

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One challenge we have found with smart locks for homeowners is the limited design options. Most smart lock manufacturers have a handful of designs for users to choose from that come with smart technology. Level’s first product, the Level Bolt, helped solve this problem by allowing users to add smart lock technology to their existing door lock setup. Today, they are expanding that capability by partnering with Rejuvenation, a hardware restoration shop, to bring more3 choices to homeowners who want smart locks that meet their home’s design needs.

Today, Level Home has partnered with home goods brand Rejuvenation to equip its timelessly designed, customizable door sets with Level’s invisible smart home technology. The lineup incorporates Level’s award-winning. This first and only invisible smart lock is installed inside a door to make Rejuvenation’s high-quality exterior door sets smart, with zero sacrifices to design. Adding to the line of more than 30 door sets that have been rolling out since January this year, Rejuvenation and Level are announcing five new collections today. The new door sets will be available in Rejuvenation’s signature finishes – Aged Brass, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, and Polished Nickel:

  • Trask ($768) - Features industrial influence and interesting textured details to create an ultra-slim, streamlined design. Available in a full door set with a Lever and/or Knob.
  • Richmond ($398-$768) - Offers an elevated accent for all doors, featuring solid brass and low-profile construction. Available in a deadbolt or full door set with a Lever and/or Knob.
  • Bowman ($768) - With clean lines and an ultra-slim design, Bowman's tube latch construction is easy to install. Available in a full door set with a Lever and/or Knob.
  • Irving ($768) - Featuring a slim design and beautiful ball knob, Irving is a versatile upgrade for any door. Available in a full door set with a Knob.
  • Rigdon ($768) - Features a unique coining detail with a low-profile silhouette and concealed fasteners. Available in a complete door set with a Knob.

a photo of a Level Bolt installed in a Rejuvenation designed door lockLevel Bolt installed in a Rejuvenation designed door lockLevel Home

Level and Rejuvenation are bringing a shared product to market for consumers to elevate home exteriors and modernize their entryways for a smart, keyless future. Each Rejuvenation door set powered by Level Bolt can be controlled and operated by the Level Home mobile app on iOS or Android devices, providing easy access to the home without using keys. With the Level Home app, users unlock features created for convenience, such as viewing activity history, sharing access with trusted guests, setting auto-lock and unlock, and more. Level Bolt requires only a single CR2 battery that delivers up to a year’s battery life. With the shared goal of a streamlined design, Level's engineering and tech team worked closely with Rejuvenation's team to provide quality craftsmanship and powerful, future-forward hardware.

"We are thrilled to team up with Rejuvenation, a brand known for its exceptional craftsmanship and thoughtfully designed products,” says John Martin, Co-Founder and CEO of Level Home. “We are committed to creating smart products that seamlessly integrate into any home and our partnership with Rejuvenation ushers in a new level of style and design options to our product line. With Level Bolt’s integration versatility, the options are endless in finding the right design for you."

a photo of Level BoltLevel Bolt one of the best invisible smart locks for smart homes.Level Home

“At Rejuvenation, we are committed to offering our customers the most high-quality products, and the Level Bolt is no exception,” says Aujsha Taylor, Senior Vice President of Rejuvenation. “With its advanced features and sleek design, the Level Bolt is a perfect addition to our line of thoughtfully crafted door hardware. With Level, we can provide our customers the ultimate combination of style and convenience."

At GearBrain, we have tested Level smart locks and found them reliable and easy to install. This partnership with Rejuvenation is a great idea. Consumers and interior designers will now have a more comprehensive selection of design options when installing a smart lock on their smart homes. We will add these 30 door sets into our compatibility find engine, The GearBrain, so users can easily find and buy the smart lock that meets their design needs and is compatible with their existing smart devices and smart home security system.

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Level Bolt Smart Lock - Smart Deadbolt that Works with Your Existing Lock for Keyless Lock Entry, App-Enabled Bluetooth Lock with Smartphone Access, Compatible with Apple HomeKit

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