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What you need to know about smart lever locks - and 5 options to check out

Our guide will help you add some smart home connectivity to your side doors.

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Smart door locks from companies like Yale, August, Schlage, and others replace or control your main door's deadbolt. As such, they can be used on various front and back doors. They faithfully rotate and unlock the deadbolt as you arrive home, then lock it again when you tap a phone app or ask Alexa to lock the door.

But there's another type of lock called the lever lock. These tend to appear on side doors leading to patios and backyards or are found on lockable interior doors, such as those leading to the garage or a self-contained guest annex. You might also find a lever lock on your garden shed.

Slowly, lock companies have begun creating smart solutions for lever locks, too. These are now available from industry veterans like Yale and newer tech firms like Locky.

By adding one of these smart locks to your home, you can monitor when the door is opened and closed, have the lock open as you approach the internal garage door, for example, or have the shed unlocked by speaking to Alexa instead of searching for the old key.

Some also use an integrated keypad and fingerprint reader with no physical key. Most smart lever locks are available in various finishes to match your door and the rest of your smart home.

If you want to install a smart lever lock in your home, here are some options to consider.

Yale Assure Lever Lock

Yale Assure Lever LockThe Assure Lever Lock by YaleYale

GearBrain recently reviewed the Yale Assure Lever Lock. The Assure Lever Lock can be bought with either a touch screen or a numerical keypad, designed to fit a door with a single hole and no deadbolt lock. It has an integrated Wi-Fi bridge to allow full smart home functionality. This means this level lock can work on Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Matter, or Z-Wave wireless connections.

This means that if you have the August Connect Wifi bridge, the lock will work with Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant smart speakers, displays, and devices with these voice assistants built in.

When hooked to the August Connect bridge, the Yale lever lock is compatible with Honeywell Total Connect, IFTTT, Nest, Xfinity Home, Wink, and the Z-Wave Alliance.

Lockly Secure Pro

Lockly Secure Pro smart lockThe Secure Pro can be opened with a code, fingerprint, or phoneLockly

Available as a bolt or latch lock, the Lockly Secure Pro can be locked and unlocked via a smartphone or using the lock's integrated numerical keypad or fingerprint reader. Up to 99 fingerprints can be added to the lock's memory.

You can also control the lock and check up on its stats (in other words, whether it is locked or not) by speaking to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Lockly offers the Secure Pro in three different finishes: Satin Nickel, Venetian Bronze, and Matte Black. You can use the app to monitor when the door is used (and by whom) and create access codes for friends, family members, and tenants to use. There is also the old-fashioned way to open the lock: by using the physical key that comes with the Secure Pro lock.

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Kwikset 912 with Lever

Kwikset 912 lever lockThe 912 can be unlocked with a phone, PIN or key Kwikset

This Kwikset option has Z-Wave technology for connecting to a smart home (granting it Alexa support), or it can be unlocked using the integrated keypad or a regular key.

The lock is available in polished brass, venetian bronze, and satin nickel. With a smart home hub like those from Wink and SmartThings, you can lock the door by saying, "Alexa, lock the door" to your smart speaker, display, or phone.

Schlage Encode WiFi Latitude Lever Smart Keyless Entry Touchscreen Door Lock

a photo of Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Lever lock Satin NickelSchlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Lever Lock comes in Satin Nickel (above), Bright Cromes and Matte Black Schlage

Elevate your home security with the Schlage Encode Wi-Fi Smart Lever Lock. This state-of-the-art lock features keyless and key touchscreen access, offering modern convenience and style with several sleek lever handles. Enhanced by Wi-Fi connectivity, it integrates seamlessly with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for effortless remote control. Crafted from durable metal, it promises enduring reliability and is certified by BHMA for top-notch security, durability, and finish quality.

The Schlage Home app connects you to your home network for real-time monitoring, enabling you to manage up to 100 access codes, track lock usage, and receive updates. Ideal for securing primary entry points or interior areas like offices, this smart lock provides both indoor and outdoor smart access control. Built-in Wi-Fi simplifies smart home integration, eliminating the need for additional hubs.

Available on Amazon and starting around $309, the Schlage Encode lever lock is a testament to a century of trusted innovation from Schlage.

ULTRALOQ Latch 5 World's First Built-in WiFi Smart Lock with Fingerprint

a photo of ULTRALOQ Latch 5 World's First Built-in WiFi Smart Lock with Fingerprint on a door which is open.ULTRALOQ Latch 5 World's First Built-in WiFi Smart Lock with FingerprintAmazon

Another semi-smart option is this from Ultraloq. It has the same lever lock design as the others shown in this article and can be unlocked with a passcode, fingerprint, or your phone smartphone via Bluetooth. It is called ULTRALOQ Latch 5 Built-in Wi-Fi Smart Lock with Fingerprint.

The ULTRALOQ Latch 5 is the first smart lock with built-in Wi-Fi, offering multiple unlocking methods: app control (Bluetooth and WiFi), fingerprint recognition, code entry, and a mechanical key. It allows remote control and management through the U-tec App, including sharing access codes with varying levels of permissions. The lock features fast fingerprint recognition, unlocking in 0.3 seconds, and auto-locking for security. Built from durable zinc alloy, it's designed to withstand heavy use and is weatherproof for outdoor installation.

The ULTRALOQ Latch 5 is easy to install on any standard US door without wiring or drilling. A screwdriver is included. It has a 30-day return policy, an 18-month electronic warranty, and a lifetime mechanical warranty.

There is also an Android-only feature where you can shake your phone (when in Bluetooth range of the door) to open the lock without first unlocking your phone and opening the Ultraloq app. The lock also comes with a mechanical key for peace of mind.

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