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Logitech Debuts Streamlined Keyboard & Combo for Unified Work-Life Spaces

Elevate your desk with the Signature Slim Keyboard and Combo, offering a fluid switch between devices.

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Logitech unveiled their latest workspace innovations this week: the Signature Slim K950 Wireless Keyboard and the Signature Slim Combo, including the new Signature Slim Combo for Business. These devices are tailored for modern multi-taskers who navigate between personal and professional environments using a single workspace. The sleek design harmonizes with home and office aesthetics, while advanced features surpass standard entry-level keyboards. The Signature Slim series promises a fluid and enchanting desk experience, seamlessly blending work and personal life.

Art O’Gnimh, head of Core Personal Workspace Solutions at Logitech, states, “We created the Signature Slim keyboard as the perfect companion to the Signature mouse we introduced two years ago to help the many people who juggle work, life, and everything in between. Signature Slim helps you stay in control of professional and personal worlds, connecting effortlessly to both your home and work computers." The Signature Slim Combo, available in Graphite and Off-White, comprises the K950 wireless keyboard and the silent Signature Plus M750 wireless mouse (M750L in North America), designed for quiet operation and precise, undisturbed scrolling with SmartWheel.

a photo of a woman's hands typing on the ignature Slim MK950 Wireless KeyboardLogitech Signature Slim MK950 Wireless Keyboard and ComboLogitech

The slim K950 keyboard introduces a laptop-esque typing responsiveness, combined with the Logi Options+ App for enhanced desk task management. Easy-switching between leisure and work is enabled through convenient shortcuts, while Smart Actions automate routine tasks with a single keystroke. The Signature Slim Combo for Business equips IT teams with Logi Bolt wireless technology for dependable connectivity, which is suitable for broad deployment across diverse operational environments. Compatible with major operating systems, the combo offers centralized device monitoring and support via Logitech Sync.

Logitech is committed to delivering user-centric experiences and prioritizing environmental and social considerations. Like other Logitech offerings, the Signature Slim K950 and Combo are carbon-neutral certified. The products' packaging originates from FSC-certified sources, and their construction includes post-consumer recycled plastics, contributing to the lifecycle of plastics from outdated electronics.

a photo of ignature Slim K950 Wireless Keyboard and Combo on a deskignature Slim K950 Wireless Keyboard and ComboLogitech

Availability and Pricing

Available in Graphite and Pale Grey, the Signature Slim K950 Wireless Keyboard and Combo will be available on Logitech’s website and other retailers globally starting March 2024. The products are priced at $79.99 and $99.99, respectively. The Signature Slim Combo for Business, offered exclusively in Graphite, is also available for $99.99 through Logitech and authorized resellers.

In the coming weeks, we will provide you with an in-depth review of these new products. We look forward to testing them to see how they can add to today's smart office, whether it is in an office building or your own smart home. Be on the lookout for our review.

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