U.S. Navy brings VR to its recruitment game

U.S. Navy brings VR to its recruitment game

The U.S. Navy is using virtual reality to give recruits the flavor of being on patrol

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Navy VR The U.S. Navy is using virtual reality to its recruiting, letting potential sailors put on virtual reality goggles and a chest vest to try out what it feels like to be on a boat, with a gun, on river patrol. The chest vest actually gives users the feeling of the sound of being near a helicopter, with its blades whirling, and also live mortar fire.

Two of the VR experiences are in New York City this week timed to Fleet Week, with one experience called the Burke and the other called the Nimitz, which appears to mimic in its look, of a video game, letting you go out with other sailors on the water. Both mobile VR displays will be at Pier 88S—which is where the biggest cruise ships dock in Manhattan—Wednesday and Thursday.

Echo Look live The Echo Look app is now live that lets you check out your look via your smartphone when used in tandem with the new Alexa device, the $200 Echo Look. The app lets users store images of their outfits in the cloud so they can be referenced later, like a personal look book. The new Alexa device is primarily a camera, but is wired with Alexa inside to give you those features from reading you the latest news to placing orders on Amazon—such as new clothes. (Via TechCrunch)

Air we breathe It's pollen season, the time when everyone searches for ways to clear their sinuses—and the air. We get that. Which is why we put some thought into smart devices that can help you clean up the air in your home, where you spend a significant portion of your time. Take a deep breath, and take a look at our round-up of smart indoor air detectors.

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