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Yi Technology

YI Technology Bringing Innovative Artificial Intelligence Home Security Solutions to Smart Homes

The company introduced two new cameras today, Kami Mini Indoor Camera and YI Dome Camera U Debut with substantial AI Feature Lists at attractive price points.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming a vital part of new home security cameras today. This technology can help prevent false alerts by being able to identify the motion detected and determine if it's from a threat or not. AI is also being used for facial recognition to know if a friend or unwanted guest is on your porch. However, as smart home security camera manufacturers develop new features using AI, it comes at a cost to the consumers. Yi Technology is one company who is using AI in their cameras but has figured out a way to make the cost of their security cameras affordable. Today, they launched two new cameras with AI that are at appealing price points.

YI Technology (YI), the global provider of advanced, intelligent imaging technologies and products, announced today the launch of the Kami Mini Indoor Camera, a tiny indoor security camera with a big brain, and the YI Dome Camera U, a complete coverage home security camera with extra privacy features. Both home security solutions are powered by YI Technology's proprietary, EDGE-based artificial intelligence (AI) technology which offers the most advanced feature set at the lowest possible price point to make smart home technology more accessible to the masses.

YI has pioneered the development of a series of AI-enabled camera processing integrated circuits (ICs) which power Kami Mini and YI Dome Camera U. The sophisticated System-On-a-Chip (SoC) processing leverages Edge-based AI allowing for more advanced computing, fewer false alerts, and guaranteed access to AI features whether or not the user has a cloud subscription. Embedding the advanced AI chip in the camera also reduces detection latency because detection happens directly on the device rather than sending it to the cloud and waiting for a return signal.

Kami Mini Indoor Camera on a tableKami Mini Indoor Camera with AIYi Technology

Kami Mini & YI Dome Camera U Smart Features:

  • AI-Based Alerts & Face Detection: Equipped with the latest Edge Computing enabled chip, users can review all the faces that appear in their clips directly in the YI Home or Kami Home Apps.
  • High Accuracy Human Detection Technology: The cameras can detect human figures, reducing "false alarms" caused by insects or pets. They send notifications to the user's smartphone alerting them to human movement.
  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant: To view the camera's live feed on a larger screen simply ask Alexa or Google to show the desired room.
  • Clear Night Vision: See clearly at night and record clips in 1080p. Thanks to an array of Infrared (IR) lights, these cameras automatically turn on night vision in low light conditions and provide bright images even during the darkest nights.
  • Keep Memories Stored in the Cloud: Store alerts and recordings in the optional YI Cloud Service. Unlike Micro SD cards that can be physically damaged and have storage limits, YI Cloud provides 24/7, uninterrupted video recordings for up to 30 days of footage protection from theft or damage.
  • Optional 24/7 Emergency Response from YI Home App: With support for up to five locations, homeowners can reach the correct local emergency center through Noonlight's certified emergency dispatchers, who coordinate with police, fire, and EMS. False Alarm Insurance penalties are covered on behalf of YI's customers.
  • Reliable in Any Condition: Wide operating temperature range (between -10º to 50°C) to suit any weather condition.

Introducing Kami Mini with Human and Face Detection! - Indoor Home Security Camera with AIwww.youtube.com

Kami Mini Indoor Camera

The Kami Mini is designed for those who simply want reliable monitoring inside their home. Packed inside the 4.5 inch smart home monitoring solution are all the features needed to protect the family and home at a value.

  • Dimensions: 80mm x 114 mm x 32 mm (4.49" x 1.26" x 3.15")
  • Weight: 135g/4.8 oz. (Net Weight)

Yi Dome Camera U on a tabletopYi Dome Camera UYi Technology

YI Dome Camera U

The YI Dome U is a smart home security solution for busy, budget-conscious people who want peace of mind without the hassle and cost of drilling and rewiring, plus extra privacy control when the camera is not in use. It is designed for people who have larger spaces because it provides a full view, pet owners and those taking care of the elderly.

  • Complete Coverage with 360° Tracking: The YI Dome Camera U features direction control, bookmarkable locations, and motion tracking, allowing this camera to track up to 340° horizontally & 90° vertically to create 360° coverage.
  • Secure and Private: Made with privacy in mind. Simply flip the lid of the camera to turn on "Sleep Mode" whenever you want to disable the camera's ability to record and set a PIN Code in the YI Home APP for an extra layer of protection.
  • Dimensions: 72.6 mm x 72.6 mm x 103.7 mm (2.9" x 2.9" x 4")
  • Weight: 185g/6.5 oz. (Net Weight)

"During the COVID-19 crisis when people are seeking greater control and security but are highly price conscious, we are pleased to be able to provide precisely this sense of safety at a low barrier to entry," said Sean Da, CEO of YI Technology, the parent company of Kami. "We worked full speed on the development of our Edge-based AI chips that power our newest devices to offer increased user privacy, improved processing speed and reduced service costs including cloud-based storage fees."

Pricing & Availability

Kami Mini Indoor Camera is now available to purchase on YITechnology.com and Amazon.com for $29.99. YI Dome Camera U is now available for pre-order on YITechnology.com and Amazon.com for $39.99 for a single unit and $77.99 for a two-pack. YI Dome Camera U will begin shipping in late 2020.

The YI and Kami Home apps for Android and iOS are tailored for all portfolio products with advanced functionalities including professional monitoring with "Home" and "Away" settings, real-time smart notifications and access to full-length activity alerts via secure cloud storage. All products come with lifetime free cloud service including 24 hour history and 6 second clips of motion or sound triggered alerts.

GearBrain has tested Yi Technology's Kami Wire-Free Wi-Fi HD Outdoor camera recently and we were impressed with this camera's battery-life, video resolution and cost. These two new smart home security cameras are a nice addition to the Kami lineup. If you are in the market for a wireless smart home security camera with AI at an attractive price and no monthly contract for storage, you have to take a look at Yi Technology's cameras. Just visit www.yitechnology.com or www.kamihome.com for more information.

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