Phyn Smart Water Assistant is the DIY device you didn’t know you needed

Phyn Smart Water Assistant is the DIY device you didn’t know you needed

The new kit is installed right at a sink, making it a more user-friendly product, so people can conserve water, and control their usage at home

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Phyn, smart home maker devoted to water conservation, has a new kit that's almost plug & play, designed for those who want to have some control and insight on their water usage. Called the Phyn Smart Water Assistant, the new device won't require a plumber, and can be installed under any sink — and still monitor all the water being used in a home.

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Phyn Plus Available at Best Buy Today

The new product is the second for Phyn, joining the company's flagship product, Phyn Plus, a device that is a bit more robust, and requires more expertise to install as it's attached right at the main line.

The new Phyn Smart Water Assistant, however, is much more user friendly, yet can still can people save money on how much water they're tapping into during the day whether that's from the shower, a sink or sprinklers in the yard.

A smartphone with an app opened reading gallons of water used, and different devices including a sink, washing machine and showerPhyn can assess water usage through each device in a home, even on a daily basisPhyn

Unlike Phyn Plus, this new device won't automatically cut off a main water supply if a water leak or other problem is detected, but the new Phyn Smart Water Assistant will be able to detect leaks on any fixture — even as it's attached to just one. Users will install it to both hot and cold water lines, allowing it to monitor usage on either.

If a problem is found, an alert is then sent in seconds through the Phyn App, and people can get connected to a plumber through Phyn's network in minutes. With water damage something that can impact a home — and quickly — getting an alert is key.

Phyn can also detect pressure from ice crystals that are forming in pipes — before they freeze — so people can ward off pipes potentially bursting during the colder winter months, and stopping any severe water damage that can occur.

A brown and blue cardboard box seated on a shelf, with the word "Phyn" across the frontThe new Phyn Smart Water Assistant is the second product from the company, designed as a more user-friendly DIY devicePhyn

Smart home users can also operate Phyn through smart assistants including Amazon Alexa and also Google Assistant, while also using IFTTT to link the water device to other connected products. They'll be able to pick Phyn's new product starting in September 2019 for $299, or instead pre-order the device starting today on the company's site, Belkin's site and Best Buy's as well.

"The Phyn Smart Water Assistant represents an innovative breakthrough that is designed, packaged, and priced to help homeowners understand, appreciate and control their water better, smarter," said Ryan Kim, Phyn's CEO. "The Smart Water Assistant pairs sophisticated industry leading sensor and AI technology with a consumer friendly design that allows for self installation, making enhanced everyday experiences with water accessible to everyone."

Phyn Plus Available at Best Buy Today

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