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Roborock Unveils Six Innovative Robotic Vacuums at CES 2024

Revolutionizing Cleanliness: Roborock's Game-Changing Robot Vacuums Unveiled at this year's show.

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At GearBrain, we have tested all sorts of robot vacuums this past year, including ones from Roborock, a leading manufacturer of robotic vacuum cleaners. While at CES today, we spoke with Robocok, who informed us they are set to redefine the world of automated cleaning by launching six groundbreaking products at this year's CES 2024. The cutting-edge robotic vacuums promise unmatched cleaning performance, advanced intelligence, and innovative features that cater to a wide range of user needs. Here is information on each new robot vacuum you can expect to see in stores this year from the company.

Introducing the S8 Max Series: S8 MaxV Ultra and S8 Max Ultra

product shot of S8 MaxV UltraRoborock S8 MaxV UltraRoborock

The S8 Max Series, comprising the S8 MaxV Ultra and S8 Max Ultra, is designed to address the most significant pain points in robotic vacuum cleaners. These flagship models feature Roborock's proprietary FlexiArm Design Side Brush and Extra Edge Mopping System, ensuring thorough cleaning even in deep corners and along edges.

But that's not all. The Rockrock Ultra, a self-maintenance cleaning system, takes convenience to the next level. It automatically empties, refills, dispenses detergent, washes the mop with hot water, and utilizes warm air drying for ultimate cleanliness. These models also introduce a revolutionary refill and drainage dock variant, allowing direct connection to home drainage systems for automatic refilling and emptying.

How much do these new robot vacuums cost? The S8 MaxV Ultra costs $1,799.99, and S8 Max Ultra costs $1,599.99. Both are available on Amazon and the Roborock Webstore starting April 2024.

Introducing the Q Revo Series: Q Revo MaxV and Q Revo Pro

Photo of Introducing the Q Revo Series: Q Revo ProIntroducing the Q Revo Series: Q Revo ProRoborock

Roborock's Q Revo Series, featuring the Q Revo MaxV and Q Revo Pro, offers powerful cleaning and advanced intelligence at a more accessible price point. Thanks to the FlexiArm Design Edge Mopping System, these models excel in cleaning hard-to-reach areas and along edges. With 7000 Pa of HyperForce, they effortlessly eliminate debris, dirt, and stains from various floor types.

The Multifunctional Dock 2.0 takes full-site self-maintenance, boasting features such as auto tank refilling, intelligent dirt detection, hot water mop washing, warm air drying, and auto dust emptying. Dynamic hot water wash and re-mop ensure not only cleanliness but also sanitization.

Pricing: Q Revo MaxV - $1199.99 and Q Revo Pro - $999.99, available on Amazon and the Roborock Webstore starting April 2024.

Introducing the Flexi Series: Flexi Pro and Flexi

a photo of a man using Roborock Flexiu Series vacuumIntroducing the Flexi Series: Flexi Pro and FlexiRoborock

Roborock's Flexi Series offers the ultimate solution to all your cleaning needs. The Flexi Pro and Flexi models excel in tackling wet and dry messes in a single sweep. The FlatReach Technology ensures no nook is left uncleaned even under low furniture, while DirTect Smart Sensor technology adjusts cleaning power based on detected dirt levels.

Roborock's SlideTech automated adaptive wheels make maneuvering the vacuum effortless. The RevoBrush 2.0, enhanced with warm water cleaning and warm air drying, elevates the cleaning experience for wet-dry vacuums. Also, the MSRP and launch date of the Flexi Series will be announced soon.

These six new robotic vacuum models from Roborock will set new standards in the industry, delivering a cleaner, smarter, and more convenient home environment.

For more information about Roborock and its products, please visit the company's website. And if you want to see other Roborock robot vacuums, visit our product find engine. It can help you find, buy, and connect any smart device. It can also help you find robot vacuums that are compatible with your existing smart home devices or systems that work with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa-enabled devices.

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