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Shelly Group Takes IoT to the Next Level with Gen3 Products Debuting at CES 2024

Shelly's new smart devices bring more memory, compatibility and functionality to smart homes and businesses.

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At this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES Show), Shelly, a Bulgaria-based IoT and smart building solutions provider, will launch its highly anticipated Gen3 products. These new IoT devices are designed to reshape how users interact with their smart homes and businesses, offering more memory, compatibility, and extended functionalities. We were lucky to get updated on these three new products before the show.

The Gen3 series from Shelly Group represents a significant leap in smart device technology, thanks to the utilization of a powerful new chip with 8MB of memory. This substantial memory upgrade not only enhances device performance and efficiency but also opens doors to the introduction of new features and capabilities. Moreover, the Gen3 Series introduces a groundbreaking concept called "virtual components," which revolutionizes how users manage and control third-party devices. Through the Shelly Smart Control app, users can seamlessly integrate non-Shelly products into a unified control system, simplifying the management of all their smart devices, regardless of brand, within a single interface.

Shelly Group is also forward-thinking in its approach, with each Gen3 device engineered to be upgradable to the Matter standard, an industry-unifying protocol known for reliable and secure connectivity. With double the memory, these Gen3 devices ensure a smooth update process while paving the way for new smart capabilities and integrations. This commitment to innovation and responsiveness to user feedback reflects Shelly's dedication to enhancing the overall user experience, aiming to create a space where convenience, security, and energy efficiency harmoniously coexist.

a photo of Shelly Wave 1 and Wave 1 PM on a tableShelly Wave 1 and Wave 1 PM Z-Wave Devices for International MarketShelly

"We are thrilled to showcase our next-generation products at CES 2024," said Dimitar Dimitrov, Co-CEO of Shelly Group. "With increased memory capacity and enhanced capabilities, users can experience enhanced product functionalities and reliability of our devices. These new products mark a significant milestone for us as we continue to deliver cutting-edge solutions that empower our users to create truly smart homes and businesses."

"We feel confident in achieving our targets not only in terms of annual revenue but also in the number of products that we deliver. We are growing faster than the market, which puts us in a position to offer our clients and partners the best solutions for their needs due to our short idea-to-market process. In 2023, we achieved our medium-term targets of revenue of more than EUR 200.0 million, and we are well positioned to achieve EBIT of more than EUR 50.0 million by the end of 2026.", adds Wolfgang Kirsch, Co-CEO of Shelly Group.

For CES 2024, Shelly Group will present more than ten products, some of which connect on a Z-wave wireless communication protocol, to answer the growing needs of its US customers. Here is a sneak peek of a few of these innovative IoT devices from Shelly at the show.

Shelly Mini Gen3 Series

a photo of Shelly Mini Gen3 Series Mini Plus 1 PMShelly Plus 1 MiniShelly

Experience enhanced convenience with the Shelly Mini Gen3 Series. These mini relays pack all the power of Gen3 devices into a compact form. They've been meticulously designed to occupy just 35% of the space compared to their Shelly Plus counterparts, like the Shelly Plus 1 Mini. These space-saving wonders are perfect for tight spots where traditional relays wouldn't fit. Despite their small stature, the Shelly Mini Gen3 devices don't compromise on performance or functionality. You can effortlessly retrofit them behind any wall switch or socket, seamlessly integrating them into your smart ecosystem. These Gen3 marvels, among the world's tiniest relays, empower you to automate lights, garage doors, irrigation systems, or small appliances in under 10 minutes, all accessible from anywhere.

Shelly H&T Gen3

a photo of Shelly H&T Gen3, the next-gen Wi-Fi smart sensor on a table showing the temperatureShelly H&T Gen3, the next-gen Wi-Fi smart sensorShelly

Elevate your home environment monitoring with the Shelly H&T Gen3, the next-gen Wi-Fi smart sensor. This intelligent device accurately tracks temperature and humidity, which is essential for maintaining a healthy living space. It boasts an e-paper graphic display, allowing you to control your climate easily. Powered by the Shelly chip, armed with 8 MB of memory, it doubles the efficiency and responsiveness compared to the previous generation. The substantial increase in memory capacity equips Gen3 devices for extended features, ensuring smoother operation and quicker responses. The Shelly H&T Gen3 monitors your environment with unrivaled precision and convenience.

Shelly Qubino Wave Plug US

a photo of Shelly Qubino Wave Plug US on a desk and another plugged into an outletShelly Qubino Wave Plug USShelly

Prepare for the arrival of the Shelly Qubino Wave Plug US, which is designed to cater to the needs of US users. The Shelly Qubino series comprises innovative microprocessor-managed devices that enable remote control of electric appliances via your smartphone, tablet, PC, or home automation system. Operating on the Z-Wave wireless communication protocol through a gateway, the Shelly Qubino Wave Plug US offers expanded control over an array of home and office devices, including lights, power sources, security systems, heating radiators, and air conditioners. This versatile plug allows you to manage your appliances from anywhere, providing even greater utility to your daily life.

To learn more about Shelly Group and its latest generation of smart automation solutions, users attending the CES Show can see them from January 9th to 12th in Booth #53517 at the Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas. If you are not going to the show but still want to learn more about Shelly Group and its latest generation of smart automation solutions for home and work, you can go to Shelly Group's website.

If you want to find more smart devices from Shelly or learn what other smart devices are compatible with Shelly, visit The GearBrain, our smart home product find engine. It will help you find, buy, and connect any smart device, including ones compatible with Google Assistant, Shelly, Amazon Alexa-enabled devices, and any other smart home ecosystem.

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