SomnaPatch wearable knows if you are breathing—or not
Photo courtesy of Somnarus

SomnaPatch wearable knows if you are breathing—or not

Just be thankful this is a wearable you wear at home.

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Sleep scare Sleep apnea is not a joke—the interruption of breathing at night, while sleeping, means a sudden loss of oxygen to the body, and the brain. Often to diagnose sleep apnea, patients are sent to sleep centers where they can be studied while they doze. But a wearable called SomnaPatch, is able to detect sleep apnea accurately more than 87 percent of the time just from home, according to a study by the company, published in the Sleep Research Society's journal, Sleep.

The device apparently measures data including pulse rate, nasal pressure, blood oxygen and other details that can help diagnose the condition. Plus—it's small. The data recorder sticks to the forehead, with another piece that fits over the nose. While the patch is not available to the public, the device could reduce the need for patients to have to travel for a diagnosis. More health wearables are coming to the market to put tools in the hands of patients—and relay that data back to doctors or medical facilities.

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