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Google Nest and Samsung SmartThings to finally work together from January

Long-awaited support will mean SmartThings can control Nest devices

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Good news for smart home owners who use both SmartThings and Nest devices – from January 2021 the two ecosystems will finally communicate with each other natively.

The move means Google's Nest products, like its smart thermostats, cameras, smoke sensors and video doorbell, will work with Samsung's SmartThings, which is one of the largest IoT ecosystems, boating tens of millions of active users.

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From January onwards, Google Nest products will carry the "Works With SmartThings" (WWST) certificate, allowing users to control their smart homes through SmartThings.

Samsung said on December 8: "For the first time, SmartThings users will be able to adjust a Nest thermostat, view live camera feeds from outdoor Nest cameras and hear who is at the door with Nest Hello, all through their smart devices."

With the update, it will also be possible for SmartThings users to incorporate Nest devices into their current setups, adding them to scenes and automations already created within their SmartThings system.

Works With SmartThingsNest devices will now carry the 'Works With SmartThings' certificateSamsung

Samsung added: "Soon, users will be able to stream right from their Nest devices directly to their Samsung TV or Family Hub fridge."

With that feature, it'll be possible to see a live video stream from a Nest security camera or doorbell on a Samsung TV or the touchscreen displays of the company's smart fridges.

Although lacking the mainstream recognition of Google Nest and Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings is one of the largest IoT ecosystems. It includes a smart home hub, plus sensors, plugs, and connectivity with thousands of smart home devices from 180 companies.

Despite its widespread compatibility and 63 million active users, an inability to communicate with Nest devices was a problem – one which is thankfully about to be fixed.

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