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SoundPEATS GoFree2 Open Ear Headphones Review

Experience Ultimate Comfort and Performance with SoundPEATS GoFree2 Open Ear Headphones

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After testing many types of earbuds, I have to admit my ears get sore. Putting these earbuds in my ears and testing them out for comfort and sound can be challenging for my ears. So, I was excited when I got a chance to test earbuds that go over your ears instead of in them. SoundPEATS sent me their GoFree2 Open Ear Headphones to test. They are considered earphones, but they look like earbuds that go over your ears. They have hooks to keep them on your ears. Some might say they look like bone-conduction or bone-resonating headphones, but they are not. Here is what I learned from testing these Bluetooth earphones over the past few months.

What are SoundPEATS GoFree2 Open Ear Headphones?

a photo of SoundPEATS GoFree2 Open Ear Headphones unboxedSoundPEATS GoFree2 Open Ear Headphones unboxedGearBrain

Experience the pinnacle of audio innovation with the SoundPEATS GoFree2 Open Ear Earphones, the prestigious 2024 Good Design Award recipient. These cutting-edge earphones, featuring the brand new and striking "Pearl Black" color, are engineered to deliver an exceptional listening experience with high-resolution audio, robust connectivity, and a host of premium features.

Key Features

High-Resolution Audio with LDAC and Bluetooth 5.3 The GoFree2 earphones are equipped with LDAC audio technology, allowing for transmitting high-quality wireless audio over Bluetooth 5.3. Thanks to the 16.2 mm dynamic drivers, you receive crisp, dynamic, and detailed sound with rich bass. Enjoy your favorite music with stunning clarity and depth, whether you're at home or on the go.

Powerful Sound with Enhanced Bass and Noise Canceling Designed for audiophiles and casual listeners alike, the GoFree2 delivers powerful sound with enhanced bass and effective noise canceling. This combination ensures an immersive audio experience, blocking out background noise and letting you focus on your music or calls.

IPX5 Waterproof Rating With an IPX5 waterproof rating, the GoFree2 earphones are built to withstand sweat and splashes, making them perfect for active use. Whether running, working out, or catching in the rain, these earphones will keep up with your lifestyle.

Dual-Device Connectivity and PeatsAudio App The GoFree2 supports dual-device connectivity, allowing you to switch effortlessly between two devices. This feature is ideal for multitaskers who manage phone calls and media from different sources seamlessly. The feature-rich SoundPEATS app lets you customize your audio experience to suit your preferences. Please note that multipoint pairing and LDAC mode only support one of these features at a time.

Extended Battery Life and Low-Latency Gaming Never worry about running out of power GoFree2's impressive battery life. A quick 2-hour charge provides up to 9 hours of playtime on a single charge, and with the included charging case, you can extend this to a remarkable 35 hours. This extended battery life makes the GoFree2 perfect for long runs, workouts, travel, and gaming sessions. Enjoy low-latency gaming for a responsive and immersive experience.

In the Box

How to Set up the SoundPEATS GoFree2 Earphones

Here is how you set up your SoundPEATS GoFree2 Earphones:

Unboxing and Initial Setup

When you unbox the SoundPEATS GoFree2 Open-ear Earbuds, you will find the earphones, a Type-C Charging Cable, a Charging Case, and a User Manual. Before using the earphones for the first time, it is essential to charge them fully. Place the earphones in the charging case and connect the Type-C charging cable to a power source; the LED indicator will show the charging status. Once charged, remove the earphones from the charging case. They will automatically power on and enter pairing mode, indicated by a flashing LED light.

Pairing the Earphones

To pair the earphones, first enable Bluetooth on your smartphone or device by going to the Bluetooth settings. Search for "SoundPEATS GoFree2" in the list of available devices and select it to pair. Once connected, the LED light on the earphones will stop flashing and remain steady. If you want to connect a second device, repeat the pairing process on the second device. Note that multipoint pairing needs to be turned on in the PeatsAudio App, and LDAC mode and multipoint pairing cannot be used simultaneously.

Using the PeatsAudio App

To enhance your experience, download the "SoundPEATS app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Open the app and follow the on-screen instructions to connect your GoFree2 earphones. The app allows you to customize audio settings, enable or disable multipoint pairing, and update firmware, providing full control over your audio experience.

screenshot of soundpeats app showing setting screenIn the Soundpeats app, users can adjust the sound using the app's EQ features as well as switch between modes and control sound levels. GearBrain

Here is how the controls work on the SoundPEATS GoFree2

The SoundPEATS GoFree2 earphones have intuitive touch controls, allowing you to quickly manage your music, calls, and other functions. Here's how to use them:

Music Controls

  • Play/Pause:
    • Tap the touch-sensitive area on either earphone once.
  • Next Track:
    • Double-tap the right earphone.
  • Previous Track:
    • Double-tap the left earphone.

Call Controls

  • Answer/End Call:
    • Tap the touch-sensitive area on either earphone once.
  • Reject Call:
    • Press and hold the touch-sensitive area on either earphone for 2 seconds.

Volume Controls

  • Increase Volume:
    • Press and hold the right earphone.
  • Decrease Volume:
    • Press and hold the left earphone.

Voice Assistant

  • Activate Voice Assistant:
    • Triple-tap the touch-sensitive area on either earphone to activate your mobile device's voice assistant (e.g., Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa if you have one on your smartphone or tablet).

Gaming Mode

  • Enable Low-Latency Gaming Mode:
    • Triple-tap the right earphone. A voice prompt will confirm that gaming mode is enabled.

Additional Tips

  • Power Off:
    • To manually power off the earphones, press and hold the touch-sensitive area on either earphone for 5 seconds. Alternatively, place them back in the charging case to automatically power off.
  • Resetting the Earphones:
    • If you encounter connectivity issues, reset the earphones by placing them in the charging case and holding the touch-sensitive areas on both earphones for 10 seconds. This will clear previous pairing records.
  • Using the Flavor Trays:
    • For added sound customization, utilize the flavor trays to add water, wood chips, or pellets to generate steam or smoke. Ensure you follow the user manual for proper usage to avoid damage.

How much do GoFree2 Open Ear Headphones cost?

The MSRP for SoundPEATS GoFree2 Open Ear Headphones is $65.99 and is available on the company website and Amazon. Over the past few months, we have seen the GoFree2 earphones on sale for a lot less than their MSRP. My recommendation would be to check Amazon to see the latest sale price.

My Experience with the SoundPEATS GoFree2 Open Ear Headphones

After testing the SoundPEATS GoFree2 Open-Ear Headphones, I found several features that I liked and a few areas that could be improved.

What I Liked About GoFree2:

One of the standout features of the GoFree2 headphones is their comfortable fit. Since the headphones do not go inside the ears, there was no irritation. They reminded me of bone conduction earphones without intrusion into the ear canal. They sit nicely on top of the ears and project sound effectively. Additionally, these headphones are lightweight, which adds to the overall comfort.

Another significant advantage is hearing the sounds around me when walking outside. This feature is akin to"the "aware mode" found in many over-the-ear headphones or other earbuds, enhancing situational awareness, which is excellent for outdoor activities. The sound quality was impressive for open-ear headphones, outperforming the similar models I tested.

The battery life is exceptional, with more than a month of usage when utilizing the wireless charging case. I also appreciated the connection to the SoundPEATS app, which allows users to customize the sound mix or use the EQ to adjust bass and treble levels to their preference. Themultipointt technology proved helpful when switching between my laptop for work and my mobile phone for calls. The earbuds' ear clip design was convenient during workouts. I did not have to worry about them falling out or getting damaged by sweat. Finally, considering the price of these headphones, they offer excellent value for less than $70, making them a great deal for open-ear headphones.

Soundpeats app preset modesSoundpeats app preset mode screen GearBrain

What I Didn't Like About GoFree2:

However, there were a few drawbacks. Since the GoFree2 headphones sit on the ear, they allow a lot of outside noise to come through. While this is beneficial for safety when walking or running outside, it can be a drawback when listening to music or having a phone conversation without background noise.

Another downside is the lack of a feature to locate lost earbuds via the app. If you misplace one, there is no way to track it down, which can be inconvenient. Additionally, I found that the volume could be louder. There were instances when I had difficulty hearing music while walking outside and wished I could increase the volume more than the current maximum allowed.

Lastly, the touch controls were occasionally oversensitive, leading to unintentional activations when adjusting the earbuds.

Overall, I think the SoundPEATS GoFree2 Open-Ear Headphones offer great comfort, impressive sound quality for an open-ear design, and several practical features, although they could benefit from improvements in noise isolation, volume control, and touch sensitivity.

a photo of SoundPEATS GoFree2 Open Ear Headphones open charging case and earphones on a countertopSoundPEATS GoFree2 Open Ear Headphones charging case and earphonesGearBrain

What are users saying about the GoFree2 Earphones?

We decided to check around to see what users who purchased these open-ear headphones liked, disliked, or didn't like about their experiences using the GoFree2 open-ear headphones.

Users appreciate several features of the SoundPEATS GoFree2 Open Ear Headphones:

  • Comfort and Fit: The lightweight design allows users to wear the headphones all day without experiencing ear fatigue or pain. Many users noted that these are more comfortable than in-ear buds, especially for long-term use.
  • Sound Quality: While the sound may not be as full as in-ear buds, the GoFree2 offers excellent and clear sound quality for open-ear headphones. Users especially appreciate the clarity of phone calls and the ability to fine-tune sound quality via the SoundPeats app.
  • Situational Awareness: The open-ear design allows users to remain aware of their surroundings, which is beneficial for outdoor activities and in environments where awareness is crucial.
  • Battery Life: Users are impressed with the battery life, noting that the earphones last through a full workday and that the charging case extends the playtime significantly.
  • Ease of Use: The setup process and connectivity are straightforward, with dual-device connectivity being a notable convenience for many. The app adds functionality and customization options that users find helpful.
  • Customer Service: Several users have highlighted positive experiences with customer service, such as prompt responses and replacements for faulty products.

a photo of the SoundPEATS GoFree2 Open Ear earphoneSoundPEATS GoFree2 Open Earphone. Make sure you remove blue tape on earphone before using.GearBran

What I Don’t Like About the SoundPEATS GoFree2 Open Ear Headphones

However, not everyone had a good experience with these earphones. Here are some common criticisms:

  1. Volume and Sound Depth:
    • Some users feel that the volume could be louder and that the bass is lacking compared to in-ear models.
  2. Charging and Battery Issues:
    • A few users reported issues with the charging case not working properly and unpredictable battery life, with one earbud often dying before the other.
  3. Fit and Security:
    • Although generally comfortable, some users mentioned that the headphones sometimes feel loose and may shift out of position during movement.
  4. Touch Controls:
    • The touch controls can be fiddly and may sometimes activate unintentionally when adjusting the earbuds.
  5. Microphone Quality:
    • Several users experienced poor microphone quality over time, with reports of sounding muffled or cutting out during calls.
  6. Connection Stability:
    • There were instances of unreliable connections, particularly with the left earbud, and issues with multipoint connectivity and firmware updates via the app.
  7. Noise Leakage:
    • Some users noted that because of the open-ear design, the sound can be heard by others around them if the volume is too high.

Overall, while users praise the SoundPEATS GoFree2 Open-Ear Headphones for their comfort, sound quality, and innovative design, there are areas for improvement, particularly in terms of volume, fit security, touch controls, and connection stability. Users also appreciate the company's responsive customer service, which helps mitigate some of these issues.


In conclusion, the SoundPEATS GoFree2 Open Ear Earphones offer an exceptional blend of style, performance, and convenience. With high-resolution audio, robust connectivity, and features designed for an active lifestyle, these earphones are ideal for workouts, running, walking, or simply relaxing. If you are in the market for earphones with ear clips that sit comfortably on top of your ears instead of in your ear, the GoFree2 is an excellent option. Even if you are considering bone-conduction headphones, GoFree2's sound quality, innovative design, and affordable price (less than $70) make them a fantastic choice.

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