How to watch Super Bowl 51 in VR

How to watch Super Bowl 51 in VR

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SuperBowl VR As if the big game isn't exciting enough, now there's word that you can watch Super Bowl 51 this Sunday in VR. LiveLike, a VR media company, is building a virtual suite where fans can hang-out and watch a series of best of's: different plays and highlights from the game. You'll be able to enter the virtual space through the Fox Sports VR App, which works with Google Cardboard through iOS and Android devices, and also Samsung Gear VR. (Although you'll need to go through the Oculus store to get the Gear VR app.) You'll need to sign in to your cable provider once you're in the app. So if you've cut the (cable) cord you may be out of luck.

Poker Face A robot just won a poker hand against a human. An AI developed by Carnegie Mellon University won at Texas Hold 'Em poker against four humans who played against the robotic poker champ via computer. After 120,000 hands, the program won with a $1.7 million margin of victory. (Via Arstechnica)

Uber News Daimler will be building self-driving cars for Uber's ridesharing network, according to a blog post from Uber CEO Travis Kalanick. Uber, which took some knocks this past week for appearing to break a taxi-strike at JFK during protests, has decided not to build its own cars. Instead, Kalanick will use automakers including Daimler and Volvo, the latter of which Uber has already tested in San Francisco.

Facebook TV Facebook is looking to break into television, getting its app on to set-top boxes—like Apple TV—and hoping to license programming to air on it as well. The Wall Street Journal says Facebook has been working on the app since last year, but is still looking for programs that would run. The goal? To get more ad dollars.

Kid-Friendly Wi-Fi Looking for a way to lock-down your child's access online? Eero may be the answer. We spent some time with the router to test its range and strength.

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