Tesla's autonomous semi trucks reportedly move in "platoons"

Tesla's autonomous semi trucks reportedly move in "platoons"

Tesla is talking with California's DMV about its self-driving trucks.

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Tesla trucks Tesla's plan to get self-driving trucks on the road is moving forward. The company is looking to start testing an early model, according to Reuters. The semi trucks eventually would follow each other, with a truck in front like a mother duck and her ducklings.

Tesla is discussing its trucks with the state of Nevada, and was also meeting with California's Department of Motor Vehicles yesterday, Wednesday. Besides being autonomous, the trucks, built by Tesla, will be electric. But it's the autonomous component that puts Tesla's trucks into a competitive space.

Between Uber, Apple and Volvo, companies are eager to get into the long-haul space with their self-driving trucks. Tesla isn't there yet. A gaggle of trucks that move like a train, and drive themselves? That's even got Warren Buffett worried, who has talked about how autonomous trucks could impact long-haul shipping, and Berkshire Hathaway's bottom line.

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