GearBrain talks about tracking devices during Facebook Live Nov. 6th at 2 pm ET

GearBrain talks about tracking devices during Facebook Live Nov. 6th at 2 pm ET

Tracking devices, how they work and how they can help us find things and people

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Where we go, even how we move in our home, can be watched and followed by the devices we carry around us, and those we put in our house. This tracking technology can help keep tabs on our keys, our dog, our family — and on ourselves.

Smartphones are instant trackers. An iPhone or an Android can be located through the apps, clearly labeled, Find My iPhone, and Find My Phone. But non digital items like your wallet, a book or a pet need some tagging. That's where trackers like Tile, Orbit and TrackR can come into play. These attachable beacons are really what you search for through corresponding apps — whatever they're attached to just come along for the ride.

There are times when we want to be found. While smartphones can be followed through pings to cellular networks, and even its GPS, someone needs to have access to your account, usually, to tap into those details. Personal safety devices like Seam, also require you to give permission to another person to find you. But once you've done that, contacts can follow you live as you move along. The same holds for smartphone apps like Life 360, which tracks people — again, who have opted in — as they move.

Join us Tuesday November 6 on GearBrain's Facebook page as we talk, live, about devices and apps that keep tabs on us, when we choose. We'll take a look at options to help locate pets locate items important to us, and of people too. We'll address privacy issues as well — none of the items we'll be talking about are things that can be added without your permission. This is opt-in tracking — the way to hopefully never lose your keys in a snowbank again.

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