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Tribit FlyBuds C1 Pro Wireless Earbuds with Hybrid ANC Review

Tribit's new wireless earbuds come with Audiodo Personal Sound and EQ function in app to help you find the perfect settings for an immersive listening experience on phone calls or when chilling to your favorite music.

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A common feature of headphones and earbuds is active noise cancellation. This technology helps shut out all outside noise so you can get an immersive sound experience. ANC can also help with phone calls on your smartphone. Listeners can hear you even when it's noisy outside or wherever you are calling from. We recently tested a pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds that as soon as you put them in your ear, you could hear a noticeable difference in the sounds around you. The ANC was incredible and one of the best we tested in any wireless earbuds to date. Those earbuds are Tribit's FlyBuds C1 Pro Wireless Earbuds and here is our review.

What is Tribit FlyBuds C1 Pro?

a photo of Tribit FlyBuds C1 Pro Wireless Earbuds unboxedTribit FlyBuds C1 Pro Wireless Earbuds unboxedGearBrain

The Tribit FlyBud C1 Pro are wireless earbuds that work on a Bluetooth 5.0 connection with your mobile device and are IPX4 waterproof rated. They come with the company's new True Sound Technology and Hybrid ANC to provide an immersive sound experience. These new earbuds also feature Audiodo Personal Sound analyzes your hearing and automatically adjusts the audio to optimal levels, like the bass and mid-range levels. For those of you who don't know Audiodo, they are a Swedish audio brand that makes high-quality sounding headphones and earbuds.

The FlyBuds C1 Pro comes with a small wireless charging compact case which keeps your earbuds safe and sound. You will notice the FlyBuds fit nicely into place in the case to keep them secure. And on the side of the case are LED lights which help you keep track of the earbuds and the case's battery life.

With the new Tribit earbuds, you get specially made ear tips made with antibacterial ingredients to help prevent bacteria in your ear. This is the first time we are seeing this in earbuds.

And speaking of battery life, the FlyBuds C1 Pro comes with a total of 36 hours of listening between the earbuds and charging case. For a single charge, the earbuds can provide up to 8 hours of listening. And it only takes 1.5 hours to charge your earbuds in the charging case and 2 hours to charge the charging case when connected to the charging cable.

a photo of FlyBuds C1 Pro EarbudsTribit FlyBuds C1 Pro earbuds come with mechanical buttons to control your music and sound.GearBrain

The FlyBuds C1 Pro has six microphones and a built-in AI feature that balances the right level of noise reduction in your earbuds. This is important to have with earbuds. As we have found with many wireless earbuds, you get a lot of wind and noise, and interference when outside. The microphones and the AI work together to reduce these sounds and provide a quiet and easy listening experience for you. And to enhance your experience, FlyBuds C1 Pro has two listening modes, ANC and transparency. The transparency mode is good for when walking around. It allows you to hear all the ambient noise around you which is not bad when you need to hear what's going on around you.

How do you control your wireless earbuds? There are two ways for you to control your FlyBuds C1 Pro wireless earbuds. You can use a mechanical button on the side of each earbud or the Tribit app. The Flybuds C1 Pro does not come with the typical "touch control" found on Tribit wireless buds. They have a mechanical button on the end of each earbud. The controls are similar to the controls found on other Tribit earbuds. Find the button on the earbud and one tap will answer/end a call or stop the music. If you double press the button on the right earbud it will forward the song and on the left, it will go back to the previous song. A triple press will change the mode of the earbuds. And to increase or decrease the volume, just hold down the button and the sound will go up (right earbud) or down (left earbud). It's very simple.

The Tribit app is available on App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android) and helps you see the battery life for each earbud, mode setting, and your sound. The personal sound section is where you can create an Audiodo Personal Sound. It takes about 3 minutes to get the right levels for each ear. Once the testing is complete your FlyBuds will now be audio optimized and provide the best sound based on your ear's listening capabilities. If you want, there is also an equalizer in the app which yoiu can select preset settings or customize your own EQ.

a screenshot of Tribit app's homepageTribit app lets you control the sound, mix and check on battery life for your FlyBuds C1 Pro earbuds.GearBrain


Setting up the Tribit FlyBuds C1 Pro earbuds is simple. Just unbox the earbuds and charging case. Then make sure you have a full charge and then pair them to your mobile device. To check the battery levels, you can use the Tribit app or check the LED lightson the side of the charging case. Note your mobile device has to be able to work on a Bluetooth 5.0 connection. Once charged and connected, you are ready to go.


The Tribit FlyBuds C1` Pro Wireless earbuds have a list price of $129.99 but are available on Amazon for $89.99. You can also buy them on the company website but at the higher price. Is this a good price? Based on the wireless earbuds we have tested and the features Tribit offers in FlyBuds C1 Pro, the $89.99 is a great price. This is because the $129.99 is the price we normally see for wireless earbuds that have similar features as the FlyBuds C1 Pro.


The moment I put these wireless earbuds, I knew they were going to be special. You knew immediately the ANC was on and working. It quickly quiet down all the noise around me and allowed me to hear the music clearly. The fit was comfortable but the controls took a little to get use to. I was use to touch controls and had to remind myself to push the mechanical button the side of the earbuds to start/stop and pause and play the music. The mechanical buttons came in handy when I would accidentally touch my ear and the music would stop or go forward. But if you are use to touch controls, this will take some time for you to get use to doing.

Setting up the personal Audiodo profile was different. It was like taking a hearing test. We followed the prompts in the app and would answer yes or no if we heard a tone. The test was not long, only 3 minutes. And we did notice an improvement in the sound quality in the earbuds afterwards. I would definitely recommend you do the test before using the earbuds.

Lastly, we are sticklers when it comes to wearing wireless earbuds outside, especially when it's windy. The wind seems to distort the sound most of the times and it can be annoying. The FlyBuds C1 Pro earbuds were the first wireless earbuds we tested that reduced the wind noise to almost nothing. The Hybrid ANC mode did a great job of minimalizing the wind and outside noises for us and fit nicely into our ears.

Audiodo Personal Sound feature in Tribit App

tribit app sceenshot

tribit app showing hearing test with Audiodo Personal Sound feature


Testing one ear in Tribit app

tribit app sceenshot

tribit app showing hearing test with Audiodo Personal Sound feature


Testing other ear in Tribit app

tribit app sceenshot

tribit app showing hearing test with Audiodo Personal Sound feature


Audiodo Personal Sound feature in Tribit App

screenshot of Tribit app audiodo personal sound settings

Audiodo Personal Sound settings in Tribit app


The Audiodo Personal Sound test in the Tribit app is quick and easy. Worth doing to enhance the sound quality of your Tribit earbuds.


As I mentioned in the beginning of my review, ANC is a key feature most buyers of headphones and earbuds look for. It's this technology that can provide the ultimate and immersive listening experience. However, it is routinely found in expensive devices which cost over $100. If you are looking for wireless earbuds that have ANC and are less than $100, look no farther. The Tribit FlyBuds C1 Pro are the best wireless earbuds for you. The Hybrid ANC mode works like a charm filtering out the noise including the wind. The integration of Audiodo Personal Sound is unique and can enhance your earbuds performance. Taking a quick and easy sound test for each ear is the something we have not seen in any headphone or earbud app we have tested. And using the results to set the sound specifically for your hearing is a first and we like it. Throw in the built-in EQ feature and you have the perfect wireless earbuds for avid music lovers who like to adjust their sound based on the music type.

Tribit FlyBuds C1 Pro Wireless Earbuds and all its unique features can help you find the perfect sound for any type of music, podcast or phone call all for less than $100. And we know because we have tested many different types of earbuds and this is the first time we have seen wireless earbuds with all these features at this price point. They are a great buy if you are the market.


  • Hybrid ANC is incredibly effect in reducing noise and wind sounds
  • Audiodo Personal Sound Integration
  • Price
  • Long battery life
  • App with Custom EQ


  • Mechanical buttons for control
  • Need app to keep track of battery life per earbuds

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