Walabot DIY Review: A smart device that will appeal to contractor's and DIY repair people alike
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Walabot DIY Review: A smart device that will appeal to contractor's and DIY repair people alike

The Android-only stud finder lets you peer behind a wall before making a costly mistake in your smart home.

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Claiming the Walabot is a stud finder, is like saying a smartphone is a device that makes calls. Both are true — but of the thousands of hours I've racked up using my phone, making calls accounts for just a small percentage. Vayyar Imaging's Walabot is a similar situation. The handheld device is reliable at finding studs, pipes and wires in your walls — which is what do-it-yourself home fixers will use this gadget to do. But Walabot also has its place in the professional world, a useful device for builders and contractors alike.

DIY Walabot GearBrain

The basics

Walabot is a tool that allows you to see what's happening inside your walls, using a combination of the device, your phone, and RF technology (radio frequency). It pairs with your smartphone through its app, and is extremely simple to set up and use. As someone who routinely deals with numerous home gadgets and devices, I've come to expect a level of annoyance when it comes to getting new toys up and running. With Walabot, I popped the device out of its box, downloaded the app, and then proceeded to scan my walls in less time than it takes to make a sandwich.

Walabot DIY lets you see what's behind your walls.Vayyar

The Walabot itself is about the size of a large Android phone, which it should be noted, is the only mobile OS currently supported by the device. Using a reusable and washable sticky gel-pad, you attach your phone to the Walabot, and plug the device into the solitary USB port. The app can then detect what is behind sections of wall you're scanning, up to four inches deep. Although it only works on drywall and cement, it is surprisingly effective at picking up studs, wires, pipes, and even movement within the walls.

What's the point?

Even for something as trivial as hanging up a picture or mounting a TV, the inexperienced home repair person is sometimes at risk of driving a nail through pipes or wiring. Even hanging a heavy object, such as a TV, on the wall without first finding a suitable stud can lead to a serious problem. Anything that can help avoid such potentially costly mistakes is generally well-recommended, provided the device works as it should. Fortunately, the Walabot does exactly what it says it will.

The Walabot DIY absolutely helps identify what's going on behind your walls to lead you to make an informed decision on home projects, be they big or small. If you're someone who has little to no experience working on the walls in your home, the Walabot may help. But even if you're a veteran handyman and home renovation guru, the little gadget can help you speed up tasks, as well as provide more precise control in your decision making.

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Builders, Renovators, and DIYer's

Walabot's design is so elegant, that both advanced and novice repair people can figure out how to quickly map what's happening inside a wall, or layout the working conditions they're undertaking for a job.

For instance, when beginning a home renovation project, it's important to know whether you're facing wood or metal studs, and Walabot can distinguish between the two.

Where Walabot really shines, however, is if you're working on a particularly old home, one that may have already seen extensive renovations. In situations like these, there's no telling what shortcuts or compromises may have been involved in previous constructions.

But Walabot can distinguish subtle things, such as whether a wire is leaning against, or going through a stud, which can prevent costly, or even dangerous, mistakes. Home renovation can sometimes include quick-fixes, hastily put together solutions, or even shoddy workmanship. Knowing what's been done before — what's honestly hiding behind the wall — can help someone get a quick overview of the situation, without having to consult with previous builders, and be a massive time saver.

Walabot DIY costs $99.99 and is available on the company's website, which is currently offering the device for $64.99 and free shipping for U.S. customers. You can also try the device risk free for 14 days, and Walabot does offer 14 day money-back guarantee.

Even professional contractors can benefit from Walabot DIY.GearBrain


Walabot is a very easy to use and effective home gadget, but it's not without limitations. Since the device only supports Android 5.0+ phones, it already has a stiff requirement that many will simply not meet. Furthermore, there are several Android 5.0+ phones that won't work with Walabot, such as the Note 7. These limitations, on top of the fact it only works on drywall and concrete, are something to consider before purchasing the device.

That said, if you've got the right phone, and your home isn't built with exotic materials, the Walabot is a solid home gadget. While the target market for such a device is obviously those who enjoy spending their time with a toolbox in their hand, the Walabot may also benefit renters or students who lack the knowledge or experience necessary for routine tasks like hanging a heavy picture on the wall.

Whether you're someone who is looking to use the Walabot for its primary function, or someone who is interesting in a tool to aid you in outside-the-box creations, Vayyar Imaging offers a compelling starting point no matter the scope of your project.

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