Walmart Onn UHD Streaming Stick

Walmart enters streaming wars with cut-price Android TV stick of its own

A pair of onn-branded streamers are priced from just $24.88

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No longer satisfied with selling the TV- and movie-streaming devices of other companies, retail giant Walmart has launched a pair of dongles of its own.

Part of the retailer's onn hardware brand, the streaming sticks come in HD and 4K variants, with the former priced at $24.88. An Ultra HD version is $5 more, at $29.88.

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The devices aren't available to buy just yet, but have appeared on Walmart's website seemingly a little ahead of schedule, as spotted by TechCrunch.

These both slightly undercut equivalent streaming sticks and boxes from Roku, Google and Amazon, where $25 to $30 is the going rate for an entry-level media streamer. Walmart also currently sells an exclusive Roku Express 4K, at $34.99.

Walmart's streamers use Google's Android TV operating system and come with all of the usual accessories, including an HDMI cable, power adapter with USB cable, and a remote with batteries.

The remote looks rather smart for the price, featuring a button and microphone for summoning the Google Assistant, and four shortcut buttons for getting one-press access to the streaming apps of YouTube, Netflix, Disney and HBO Max.

Walmart Onn 4K streaming stick and remoteWalmart Onn 4K streaming stick and remoteWalmart

At $24.88, the Walmart onn FHD Streaming Stick is the lowest-price Android TV device ever seen in the US. That is a remarkably cheap way of adding streaming services and the Google Assistant to any TV or computer monitor with an HDMI port, but we recommend readers pay the extra five bucks and spend $29.88 on the 4K version.

Even if you don't have a 4K TV or display, you will have future-proofed yourself for just $5, meaning you'll be able to access Ultra HD content through the stick next time you upgrade your TV.

These sticks lack features like Dolby Atmos and HDR seen on more expensive options. So while we wouldn't recommend the Walmart devices for your main TV, they could bring streaming apps to smaller screens in the bedroom, kitchen or home office at an affordable price.

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